Creating a Sacred Space

sacred space

Do you have a sacred space in your house that is your space? A space where you can take a second to ground yourself or reconnect?

I like to use my sacred place to honour changes in the season, different phases of the moon, beginnings or endings and even my successes. It is also a great place to think more clearly, go within to find answers about problems or issues and even to just take time out on your own.

At my full moon/new moon workshops I talk about creating a sacred space to do journaling, mediation or self care rituals.

How to create a Sacred Space?

Choose an area that will be your sacred space – preferably somewhere you won’t be interrupted. Somewhere relaxing that you don’t have to set up and pack up every time you use it. Or consider using a screen or curtain if you need to partition of a part of a room to make your sacred space.

Tidy up the space so it is calm and relaxing. 

Make your space comfy, calming and enjoyable with cushions and rugs etc.

You can create an altar if you are so inclined or just set up a space to put your beeswax candles and other objects that have personal meaning for you on.

You might like to consider object that align with the 4 elements of water, air, fire and earth. For example a feather for air, candles for fire, crystals for earth and an essential oil diffuser for water.

You can also enhance your sacred space with the aromas of essential oils.

Some other ideas for your sacred space

  1. Plants and flowers
  2. Rocks
  3. Wind chimes
  4. Oracle cards.
  5. Personal Development or Self Help Books
  6. Statues or sculptures that have meaning for you.
  7. A journal or something you can write your thoughts down in.

Why use essential oils in your sacred space?

Smell is the only sense that has a direct connection to the limbic lobe of the brain, the emotional control center. A scent can evoke an emotion or memory before we are consciously aware of it! Now I want you to take a minute before scrolling on and visualise the room or space you want to create and focus your intentions on it.

What type of environment do you want to create?

What are you using this space for?

Then take a look at the list of essential oil in this graphic and think of aromas you love that will support your desired outcome.

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How to use essential oils in your sacred space

Here are a few ways to use essential oils to create intentional spaces which you can save and refer back to each time you use your space for self care.

Diffusing oils like lemon essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, sage essential oil, frankincense essential oil, White Angelica essential oil blend, Citrus Fresh™ essential oil, Thieves® essential oil or Purification™ essential oil will purify the air while bringing a refreshing, uplifting energy to you sacred space.

I love to use many of the emotional oils in my sacred space including Harmony essential oil blend, Joy essential oil blend, Inspiration essential oil blend and even Gratitude essential oil blend.

Many of these essential oils are the same ones that I listed recently in my Best 11 Essential oils for Self Care blog post.

Add a few drops in your diffuser or in the palm of your hand and simply inhale them deeply and enjoy the benefits!

Set your intentions before using your sacred space for meditation, journaling or self care rituals.

Apply two drops of Grounding essential oil blend in the palms of your hands and bring your hands within a few inches of your nose. Inhale slowly and state your intention. For example, “Today I am centered, focused, and empowered.” 

sacred space - Creating a Sacred Space - young living
Journalling is a great activity to do in your sacred space

Cleansing your sacred space using essential oils

Many of you have probably used sage or even palo Santo to cleanse a space before but did you know you can also use essential oils to do this? I love to use sage essential oil, Frankincense essential oil, Palo Santo essential oil or even White Angelica essential oil blend.

Herbs have played an integral role in many cultures and religions since ancient times. The practice of burning sacred herbs is common in rituals, ceremonies, and meditation practices.

Smudging refers to burning specific dried herbs and allowing the smoke to purify the air. Traditionally, smudging is used to cleanse a space energetically. The intention of this practice is to clear away negative energy while inviting positive energy and clarity in. Want to try smudging your home using essential oils?

You will love this smokeless DIY smudge spray! We’ve chosen Sage, Palo Santo, and Rosemary essential oils for this recipe. Here’s why!

Sage Essential Oil

Sage is widely recognised as the most commonly used herb for smudging. It has been used traditionally for its clarifying properties. Sage essential oil emits a strong, spicy, clarifying, and uplifting aroma when used aromatically.

Palo Santo Essential Oil

Palo Santo is considered a sacred wood to many. Native to South America, the name of this oil can be translated to “holy wood” in Spanish. Palo Santo has a warm, woodsy aroma with subtle mint and citrus notes. Its inspiring fragrance can be used to create a cleansing and refreshing atmosphere. Young Living’s Palo Santo essential oil comes from the Finca Botanica Farm in Ecuador.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary’s familiar scent and versatility make it a Young Living favourite. This well-loved botanical is native to Mediterranean regions. Its complex, woodsy aroma can help create an energising environment and promote a sense of clarity. You can learn more about Rosemary essential oil in my recent blog post.

DIY Smokeless Smudge Spray:


  • Water
  • ¼ cup witch hazel
  • 15 drops of each essential oil: Sage, Palo Santo, and Rosemary

How to:

  1. Combine essential oils and witch hazel in a glass spray bottle. We recommend a 120mls bottle or larger.
  2. Fill the rest of the bottle with water.
  3. Shake well.
  4. Set an intention for your space and spray!

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