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I’m SO glad you’re here!

I’m Kim Thomson and I’m passionate about helping women approaching menopause to balance their hormones naturally.

I can help you find the balance you need to bring back the joy and fun and freedom to your life.

If you’re interested in essential oils, living more naturally, joining a supportive low tox community or getting your oils for free by simply sharing what you love – you’re in the right place!

Your Essential Oils Journey

The next step.

Are you searching for something that will make a genuine difference for you and your family?

Do you desire a life that’s more natural, healthier, and overflowing with more joy?

Want to balance your hormones and balance your life?

Passionate about doing your very best for those you love the most? But not sure where to find information you can trust?

I know what that’s like! I felt exactly the same.

That’s why I created this website – to share the beautiful, all-natural solutions I’ve found through essential oils that have transformed my life – with you.

I want to make it as simple, easy and economical for you to create the low-tox lifestyle you’ve been longing for.

The next step for you is to start replacing the nasty products with no-tox alternatives and lead your family on an amazing natural journey!

As you do, I have no doubt you’ll experience the deep sense of joy, satisfaction and confidence that comes from doing something truly life-changing for the people who depend on you most.

And I’ll be supporting and encouraging you every step of the way!

Kim xo

Finally! Essential Oils Info You Can Trust

Getting good information is SO important! After all, this is about you and your family’s health and wellbeing.

Check out the archives below for all the info that you need – from essential oils to hormones to DIY recipes to creating your side hustle – and everything in between!

Just click below for the latest articles in each archive or search for what you want below.

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