Young Living Rosemary Essential Oil

Young Living rosemary essential oil

I remember the first time I smelt Young Living Rosemary essential oil. I thought they had accidentally put the wrong label on it. I was sure it was Eucalyptus and not Rosemary in the bottle. Why? It’s to do with one important chemical constituent in the essential oil.

You can actually try this little experiment with two of your friends. Get them to close their eyes and then hold a bottle of Young Living Rosemary essential oil up to the nose of the first friend for them to smell. Do the same with the second friend but hold the bottle about 30cm away from their nose. Now ask them to tell you what essential oil they smelled. I bet the one who had it close to their nose says Eucalyptus, while the one who smelt it further away says Rosemary.

This is because on of the main constituents in Rosemary essential oil is Eucalyptol. It’s the chemical that gives eucalyptus its very distinct aroma. It is found in much higher quantities in eucalyptus than in rosemary. Because it’s a light molecule, it’s the first to jump out of the bottle when you inhale the Young Living Rosemary essential oil up close. However, if you inhale it further away you get more of the other constituents that are in Rosemary so it smells like the rosemary we grow in our gardens. You can also try this with Young Living Black Pepper essential oil for a similar result.

Why is it that we choose to wear Rosemary on ANZAC Day?

Rosemary always reminds me of ANZAC day. When I was younger I would often pick a sprig of rosemary from my Mum’s garden before heading off to march in the ANZAC day parade as a Girl Guide and later as a Venturer Scout. This year my girls will march in their first ANZAC day march as Scouts (proud mummy moment).

Rosemary is the symbol for remembrance. It’s what we pin to our clothes on ANZAC Day to remember those who went off to war and the many who never returned. But does it really help us to remember things?

There are plenty of studies which show how Rosemary has a positive affect on our focus, concentration and recall.

But people have known about the benefits of rosemary for memory for hundreds of years. Shakespeare, in his play Hamlet, wrote “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray, love, remember; and there is pansies, that’s for thoughts…”

Young Living Rosemary Essential Oil

Young Living Rosemary essential oil comes from the Rosmarinus officinalis plant.

Rosemary essential oil is steam distilled from a perennial shrub with needle-like leaves that can remain evergreen in warmer climates. The botanical, which is part of the mint family, is native to Mediterranean regions and has blue or purple flowers that give it an understated beauty. The familiar scent of Rosemary essential oil – as well as its robust, herbaceous aroma – has made it popular in aromatic and personal care products.

For centuries, people have used this evergreen shrub in ceremonies, such as weddings and funerals, as well as for its medicinal properties. Rosemary is a favourite diffused by itself and also combines well with many other essential oils.

Rosemary essential oil uses include topical application and direct inhalation, and its complex, woodsy aroma can help create an energising environment and promote a sense of clarity. In fact, you can find this powerful oil in Young Living’s Thieves® and En-R-Gee™ blends.

But what else can we use it for???

Great for Hair

One of the best-known uses for rosemary is in applications for the hair and scalp. Rosemary is great to add to your shampoos and conditioners as it adds shine, volume and improves manageability.

Smooths the Skin

Rosemary essential oil is great for toning and improving the appearance of skin. It smooths bumpy areas particularly on the tops of thighs.

Oily Skin

Many people love using Rosemary on their faces because it helps control excess oil without drying the skin. Additionally, it cleanses and helps reduce the appearance of the pores of the face.


Inhaling Rosemary essential has been shown to calm the body down. Adding it to a diffuser or wearing topically may help combat occasional stress.


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Rosemary is also a flavourful herb that’s celebrated for its role in the culinary world, especially in Italian dishes. Rosemary essential oil lends a uniquely herbaceous taste to every dish it’s featured in, making it perfect for many savoury recipes. You can learn more about using essential oils in cooking in my blog post Can you use essential oils in cooking and drinks?

Make your own flavoured Olive Oils – they make great gifts.


240mls of good quality Olive Oil

4 drops of your favourite Young Living Culinary Oil such as Young Living Rosemary essential oil, Lemon, Basil, Oregano or Thyme.


Add the essential oils to a 240ml glass bottlefill up with Olive Oil. Decorate with your own labels and gift to family and friends.

Goes well with dukkah or even with a nice balsamic vinegar.

In the Garden

To make an all Natural Plant Spray add 10 drops of the following essential oils to a 120ml glass spray bottle: Young Living Rosemary essential oil, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Spearmint, Clove and Thyme oil.

Invigorating Rosemary Shower Melts


½ cup magnesium sulphate (epsom salt)

3/4 cup bicarb soda

12 drops Young Living Rosemary essential oil

1-3 tablespoons water


  1. Combine magnesium sulphate, bicarb soda, and Young Living Rosemary essential oil in a bowl.
  2. Add 1 tablespoon water and stir well. Continue adding small amounts of water until mixture forms a thick paste. It will still be slightly crumbly but should hold a shape when squeezed together. 
  3. Once the mixture is a thick paste, transfer to mould or an ice cube tray. Be sure to pack the mixture into each compartment, and then smooth and flatten with the back of a spoon.
  4. Place in a cool, dry place for about 24 hours or until melts are dry and set. 
  5. Store in a glass jar with a lid.

To Use:

Simply place a shower melt on the floor of your shower away from the direct spray of the shower head. If you used an ice cube tray or smaller moulds for your melts, you may need to use two. The water and steam will break down the melts for an aromatic experience.

If you want to try more great DIY recipes then check out my free ebook – If I wouldn’t eat it – I’m not going to use it on my body.

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