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How to Minimise Those Crazy Menopause Symptoms & Boost Your Energy in 2 Minutes a Day – without the Using Synthetic Hormones

I know that sounds impossible, but you really can have more energy, sleep better, banish brain fog and feel great again.

And do it naturally!

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Things CAN Be Better

If you’re a busy woman 40+ then this is for you!

As you head towards menopause, life can be ‘challenging’ to say the least.

We’re talking poor sleep, hot flushes, mood swings, brain fog, low or no sex drive… the list goes on!

But… does it have to be this way? No!

Is HRT the only solution? No!

The good news is you CAN minimise the impact of perimenopause, have more energy AND do it naturally.


Let me show you how…

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28 to elevate whole bundle ningxia red progessence phyto plus young living

The 28 to Elevate Bundle

What is 28 to Elevate?

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It’s a 28-day transformation designed to:


How does it work? You simply use:

2 minute timer

Less than 2 Minutes A Day?

You’re probably thinking – how can two products possibly make all that difference?

I get it! I thought the same thing.

But, I’m going to show you how using these two unique products – taking you less than 2 minutes each day – will make all the difference to how you feel for the rest of the day and night.

Plus, they’ll boost your wellness and vitality in the long-term too.

Here’s how..

Secret #1 – Unique Natural Solutions: How to Boost Your Energy from the Inside Out

The Ultimate Energy Solution: How to Boost Your Energy from the Inside Out

Ever feel like you’re doing all the right things, but nothing is changing?

That was me.

I was looking after my girls, working full-time and studying to become an aromatherapist. Life was hectic! You know what it’s like – you’re trying to do it all and be everything to everyone.

But I was tired ALL the time. I just felt EXHAUSTED!

Ever feel like that?

About that time the company I was sourcing my essential oils from was launching some new products, so I went along to the launch with my mother-in-law, Lyndall.

And that was when I was introduced to NingXia Red.

Hello NingXia Red!

Ningxia Red satchets from Young Living

Finally – the solution to my ‘energy crisis’

One of the new products was called Ningxia Red and honestly it looked like just another vitamin drink. So, I wasn’t really interested.

But, as part of the promo they were making Ningxia Red slushies. They turned out to be delicious!

At the end of the event, they needed to empty the slushy machine, so Lyndall and I helped out by having a few more Ningxia slushies for the road.

That night, instead of feeling exhausted and crashing on my bed like usual, I was buzzing with energy. It took me hours to get to sleep! I thought – WHAT is going on?? This is no ordinary vitamin supplement! And no, it isn’t packed with caffeine.

Since then I’ve discovered that Ningxia Red is the ideal drink for energy-starved women. That’s why it’s part of the 28 to Elevate bundle.

So, what exactly IS NingXia Red?

NingXia Red is a unique Wolfberry puree (in Australia we call them Goji berries and they’re a genuine superfood).

Yes, it’s packed full of vitamins, minerals and fibre. But it’s also high in antioxidants and supercharged with four essential oils, plus other berries and fruits.

Ningxia Red is:

Now I call it my ‘energy drink’ and I take it every morning to give me the energy I need to juggle family, work and our business.

NingXia Red truly is a unique solution to your personal ‘energy crisis’ which is why I’ve been recommending it to other women (and men) for years.

And now there are literally thousands of women with similar stories to mine who love their daily Ningxia.

Secret #2 – Simple Actions & BIG Results: How to Get Your Mojo Back in Less Than 2 Minutes a Day

Bring Back the Balance: How to Get Your Mojo Back in Less Than 2 Minutes a Day

As I sat in the audience all I could think was, “I REALLY need this!!”

Outwardly I looked like I had it all. I had two beautiful girls, a caring husband, a great job and a business that was growing rapidly. But behind the scenes it was a different story…

I felt… Flat. Fat. Out of sorts. And with absolutely zero sex drive.

When I saw a doctor she told me that 15 years on contraceptives had left my hormones totally out of balance. And that was how I felt… out of balance.

On Facebook I’d read about this all-natural product that women in the USA were using to bring back the balance – Progessence Phyto Plus (PPP). So, when I heard it was being released in Australia I went to the launch.

Progessence Phyto Plus - Young Living

Ticking ALL the boxes

As Dr Dan Purser (who helped formulate PPP) spoke about the effects of women’s hormones getting out of balance I was mentally ticking the boxes:

Mood swings? Tick!

Feeling BLAH? That’s me!

No sex drive? Me too!

By the end of the launch I knew Progessence was exactly what I needed.

So simple!

Now honestly, at that stage I would have been happy to do or buy just about anything to get my mojo back, no matter how complicated.

But as it turned out, it was super-simple. And super-quick! You just rub a few drops of PPP on your forearms before bed… and that’s it!

The PPP is absorbed into your body through the soft skin on your forearms. Then it works its magic while you sleep.

It seemed way too easy. But within two weeks, guess what?  I was the one initiating sex and my husband was asking “What on earth just happened??”

What’s in Progessense Phyto Plus?

PPP contains Wild Yam root extract, Vitex leaf oil and 6 powerful essential oils, including Sacred Frankincense.

What I love about Progessence is it’s formulated using coconut oil, instead of the petroleum-based creams and chemical ‘nasties’ (parabens, phthalates, etc.) used by other wild yam products. And the essential oils help the active ingredients to be more bio-available and effective – as well as smelling amazing! Isn’t that cool?

PPP – my most recommended solution

Now, as an Aromatherapist who specializes in women’s hormones, I recommend Progessence all the time. I’ve watched it change the lives of hundreds of women, especially women heading towards or going through menopause.

And me? I still use PPP every night. Those few drops keep me balanced, my libido healthy, and my partner happy!

Which is why Progessence Phyto Plus is the other major part of the 28 to Elevate bundle.

The best thing is – it will take you less than 2 minutes to drink your NingXia Red, apply Progessence and then you’ve got all day to enjoy having your life back and feeling energised and happier. Does that sound good?

Secret #3 – Fill YOUR Cup: How to Have SO Much More to Give for Less Than $8 a Day

Fill YOUR Cup: Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore These Solutions

Have you ever heard the saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup?”

I see it all the time – women who are constantly giving and giving, at work and at home. Putting everyone else’s needs before their own. It’s just what we do, isn’t it?

But, eventually you pay the price. You end up tired, cranky, miserable and resentful. Ever felt like that?

And the worst thing is – you’ve got nothing left for yourself or for the people you care about the most.

It’s SO true – you can’t pour from an empty cup.

And when the budget is tight you’re even less likely to look after yourself because you feel like you should put everyone else first. Am I right?

True confession – I’m still really bad at looking after myself and ‘filling my cup’. But after a LOT of pain, here’s what I finally realised…

I can’t afford NOT to use these products!

Yep, I’ve learnt the hard way that unless I take my NingXia Red and use Progessence each day the wheels fall off my life pretty quickly. And I just can’t afford for that to happen.

For me, investing less than what I’d spend on two chai lattes at the cafe to keep my life and my sanity intact is a no-brainer.

Getting your life back on track is worth SO MUCH more than two cups of chai! Isn’t it?

That’s why I share the 28 to Elevate transformation with everyone I can. And why I get such a buzz when I see it transform the lives of other busy women. Because they deserve it.

We deserve it.

YOU deserve it!

And honestly – when was the last time you said to yourself, “I deserve it”?

chai lattes

Let me ask you a Question…


If you were able to boost your energy with NingXia Red
AND get your mojo and your balance back with Progessence Phyto Plus AND you could get these results in under 2 minutes a day, do you think that would transform your life?


If that was a ‘Yes!’ then here’s how you can do that right now…

Start your
28 to Elevate Transformation Today

28 to elevate whole bundle ningxia red progessence phyto plus young living

Here’s What You Get…

Total Value: $2155

It’s Yours Today for $249

Who am I?

I’m Kim Thomson, a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and busy working mum.

I discovered these all-natural products when my own hormones were totally out of balance! Thankfully, they transformed my life.

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of women minimise their menopause symptoms, enjoy more energy, more balance AND get back to living their best life.

I love to share the secrets that have made such a difference in my life with other busy women – like you!

So let me tell you more about everything you’ll get in the 28 to Elevate bundle. 

I’ve packed this bundle FULL of value so it delivers the very best results for you.

Check this out…

Kim Thomson 28 to Elevate
28 to Elevate bundle
ningxia red and ppp bundle mobile 28 to elevate

The 28 to Elevate bundle is built around:

  • a 30 pack of NingXia Red singles and
  • a 15ml bottle of Progessence Phyto Plus.

As you’ve seen, they’re the keys to powering you through 28 days of life transformation.

It’s the perfect 1-2 combo

I put these two unique products together for two reasons:

  1. They’ve changed my life for the better, so I know they work.
  2. I’ve discovered that this combination is the simplest, easiest and most cost effective way to increase your energy and bring back balance and vitality. 

Over the years I’ve watched these two products transform the lives of hundreds of women for the better.

Saving heartache AND saving you money

When you use the 28 to Elevate bundle you’ll feel like you’ve finally got your mojo back and life is good again. Can you get excited about that?

Plus, you know that having more energy and better health is going to save you money, time and heartache in the long run. Which is what we all want, right?

So, let me tell you everything you’ll get in the 28 to Elevate bundle…

On their own, the NingXia Red and Progessence Phyto Plus in the 28 to Elevate bundle are valued at $274.

But that’s just the start!

Professional Aromatherapy Hormone Consultation – your questions answered

When I was putting this together I wanted to make sure that you could get the very best results. I didn’t want you to be unsure about how to use the products or have unanswered questions.

I’ve found it’s SO helpful to be able to get together so I can listen, learn about your unique situation,  and then talk through how to get the most out of these products.

So I’ve added a 30 minute professional hormone consultation with me – by phone or Zoom – so you can talk about your specific situation and ask any questions you might have.

Young Living Starter Bundle bonus - Professional Consultation with Kim Thomson - Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

Certified Clinical Aromatherapist Professional Consultation Value: $179.

hormone health meal plan
hormone health recipe booklet - 28 to Elevate - young living
improve sleep book

Hormone Health Four Week Meal Plan
Value: $69

Harness the power of this meal plan, bundled alongside a comprehensive weekly grocery lists. This crystal-clear plan holds all the answers and lays out precise directions for a seamless experience.

Hormone Health Recipe Pack
Value: $39

30 nourishing recipes designed for inflammation reduction and hormone harmony, complete with detailed calorie and macro breakdown. Save time and say goodbye to endless web hunts for recipes.

Reset & Improve Your Sleep
Value: $29

Finally! Your guide to getting better sleep. Discover natural and powerful solutions with essential oils to get to sleep faster and enjoy longer, more restful sleep.

VIP Group Memberships

Now, you and I both know that being part of a supportive community is SO important. Not to mention having access to reliable, accurate information.

So the 28 to Elevate bundle also includes instant access to two VIP membership Facebook groups – the Happy Hormones group and Team Valor.

Not only is there a wealth of information on hormones in the Happy Hormones group, but Team Valor is a treasure trove of information, DIY recipes, and courses all designed to help you boost wellness for you and your family, and enjoy a more natural, toxic-chemical free life. 

And if you want to discover everything you need to know about essential oils, up your social media game, give your mindset a makeover, or even discover how to get your products for free every month – you have access to all my most popular courses included in the 28 to Elevate bundle.

Membership of these exclusive VIP Groups and access to Resources and Courses Value: $399.

24% off retail price – forever

The good news is that when you buy the 28 to Elevate bundle you’ll also get a wholesale membership with Young Living which saves you 24% on this and all future purchases.

Over a year Wholesale Price will save you at least $750.

FREE Products with Essential Rewards

I love Essential Rewards! Quite simply, it’s like FLy Buys, except much better! In the first 3 months you earn 10% back on your purchases.  Then  in months 4-24 you earn 20% back. After 24 months you earn a whopping 25% back!

In the first year alone that’s Valued at over $420.

So the Whole Bundle Is…

Total Value: $2159

It’s Yours Today for $249