I’m Kim Thomson, the Hot Oily Mumma.

Entrepreneur, educator  & adventurous soul.
I love champagne, chocolate, cows and I’m on an endless search for the perfect chai in faraway places…
What more does a girl need?

A Slave to the 9-5?

 Have you ever needed to change something in your life and change it fast? I spent 14 years working my way up the career ladder in a Government Department. For a while I thought I was living my dream life. Yes, it was sometimes fun and I made good money, but it was stressful and my health and my family life suffered. I woke up one day and realised I was living to work, not working to live. Even worse, I was fulfilling someone else’s plans on someone else’s schedule.

The craziest thing was that I was working in ‘family services’, but felt like my own family were suffering, especially when I became a single mum. I was travelling a lot and my job was taking me away from the people who mattered most to me. Maybe you know what that feels like?

I’ve always been a hard-worker, but it didn’t seem fair that there were others who earned the same amount as me without working nearly as hard. I wanted to be rewarded for my efforts and not just financially. I wanted to be my own boss, working on my own ideas and to my own schedule.  I knew it was time for a change! Enter the ‘side hustle’!

Enter The Side Hustle

So, I started building a business with a very successful and ethical, international company and doing it part-time. The beauty was I could do it around my full-time job and with my two little girls by my side. When my business started to grow and people asked me what the secret was, the words ‘committed’ and ‘consistent’ came to mind. I used my time driving to and from work to make phone calls. I would message people or meet up with them in my lunch break. I would work at night after the girls went to sleep and before they woke up in the morning. I won’t lie, I was one of those mums who was on their phone a LOT!

We all made sacrifices in times of hustle. I remember when I was trying to earn a trip to Disneyland, which the girls really wanted. I told them that I had to run workshops every weekend for 3 months to make it happen. I asked them if that was okay and they agreed, as they knew that after 3 months of being dragged along to workshops or left with other family members, Disneyland was the reward. And guess what? They loved meeting Mickey Mouse… and that was just the beginning!

Passionate About Helping Women Just Like Me

I’m definitely passionate about natural health and well-being and I LOVE helping other women discover natural alternatives for hormone health, their children’s well-being and living a low-tox life. I wanted to share what I had learnt along the way to getting myself and my family healthy.

Most of all I wanted to help other people who wanted to create their own amazing lifestyle to do this too.

It is all possible through the power of geometric progression. I know what you are thinking – this sounds to good to be true and must be one of those scams. I know people think that as I thought that and I consider myself to be fairly intelligent. Geometric progression is like making a snowball and rolling it down a hill. I told a few people about my business and they wanted in. They told a few people and they wanted in too. Before I knew it my business was growing at 10% a month.

I’ve been told that “You just do your business to make money”. Well isn’t that what people go to work for too? Would they turn up if they weren’t being paid? Well in the beginning I did need the money to pay the bills. Now I realise this business gives me so much more. It gives me the chance to mentor and encourage other women, which is something I love. It is like watching a bud open in to a beautiful flower and I can’t explain the heart warming feeling this gives me. I see people get out of debt and realise their own financial goals. I get to be my own boss so can work at home around my family time and be there for my girls. Best of all I get to travel the world to the most amazing places that some people only ever dream of. I have been on an African Safari in Kenya, picked lavender in France, cruised to Alaska, seen Orangutans in Borneo, taken my girls to Disneyland twice now and many more trips than I can list here.

I live a life that’s in harmony with nature. I live on 5 acres of beautiful Australian bush close to the beach. I choose natural alternatives such as essential oils, making my own cleaning products and skin care, doing meditation, yoga, fermentation and an attachment parenting style. I’d love to connect with other people who are striving to live a more natural life with purpose. If that sounds like you then reach out and connect with me.