Best Essential Oil Diffuser – Which essential oil diffuser should I buy?

best Essential Oil diffusers

Which is the best essential oil diffuser to buy?

I didn’t know about Essential Oil diffusers back when I was a teenager. Instead I had an essential oil burner in every room of my house. My rented house was really smelly and mildewy. I burnt a cheap peach oil in the oil burners because I liked the smell. However, I used to get headaches which now I realise was probably from the synthetic chemicals in the cheap peach oil. Boiling it in the burner wasn’t helping either. I thought this was healthier than those plug-in-the-wall smelly things, the little hanging trees or even spraying around air freshener from a can. All these things can actual mess with our hormones.

Essential Oil diffusers are a wonderful natural alternative to synthetic air fresheners. They fill my home, office or car with divine aromas that purify and revitalise. They also leave a room smelling great. If you want to learn more about why you should be diffusing essential oils in your home then check out our hot topic – Why diffuse essential oils?

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Diffusers are widely available and come in all sorts of styles and colours. When you’re choosing a diffuser it’s important to consider the following:

Best Essential Oil Diffuser – Performance

The most important aspect for determining a the best essential oil diffuser is overall functionality. The diffuser should put out a fine mist without heating the essential oil. This is why I choose a cold air diffuser as it doesn’t boil the essential oil. Heating essential oils at high temperatures mean the pure essential oils are not as effective as they could be if they aren’t heated.

Many cold air diffusers use ultrasonic technology which means they contain a small plate which vibrates at a really fast speed (optimal frequency of 2,400,000 cycles/second). This vibration breaks up the water and essential oil molecules into a microscopic mist that is then pumped out in to the air.

You should be able ability to diffuse any Essential oil regardless of it’s viscosity. With the thicker essential oils, you should always clean the water well and even the ultrasonic plate when you refill it. This stops it clogging up. Essential oil blends that contain vegetable oils such as coconut or almond oil may diffuse slower than other oils. You may also find that your diffuser may need cleaning more regularly.

Best Essential Oil Diffuser – Safety

A diffuser should turn itself off once it has run out of water so that there is no risk of a fire. I was always worried about the candles under my oil burner starting a fire. Even the electric oil burners didn’t seem safe to me as they didn’t have a timer and I had to remember to switch them off.

Diffusers should be safe to use around children and pets. This is another reason for choosing a cold air diffuser. Of course, you’ll need to be mindful of the essential oils you put in to your diffuser if you have children and pets around.

Best Essential Oil Diffuser – For Convenience

Ease of use, or convenience, is a fundamental characteristic that any diffuser should possess. Easy to understand assembly and instructions, minimal parts, and trouble-free cleaning greatly influence the overall quality of a diffuser. Some diffusers come with cleaning brushes to clean the ultrasonic plate. If they don’t, I just use a cotton bud dipped in vinegar, rubbing alcohol or even the Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier. I use paper towel or a microfibre cloth to wipe the water well of the diffuser out if it needs a clean. And I occasionally run water mixed with vinegar through a diffuser to clean out the inside.

Noise Level of Essential Oil Diffusers

Diffusing should be enjoyable and relaxing. To enjoy the overall diffusing experience a diffuser should operate with minimal humming, whining, and vibration.  I find the Aromalux to be the noisiest diffuser in the Young Living range but even then it isn’t that noisy. It has different intensity levels which can be adjusted using the volume control on the side of this diffuser. This diffuser also has an intermittent setting. You can have it come on for a particular number of seconds and then off for another number of seconds. You can have it on for longer than it’s off or vice versa.

Appearance of Essential Oil Diffusers

Versatility is indispensable when using a diffuser in your home, office, or nursery. The size, colour, and design of your diffuser should fit easily with any décor. I have various  diffusers for different rooms in my home.

For example, I have the Aria in my bedroom. I love that it comes with a remote so I can easily turn it off without having to leave my bed. And I think it matches the decor of my bedroom. In my lounge room I have the Rainstone, but up high on top of a bookshelf where my girls cant easily knock it off. I am loving the Lantern diffuser at the moment with it’s frosted glass and white metal look. It is in my kitchen/dining area which is where I spend most of my time.

Warranty on your Essential Oil Diffuser

Young Living offer a one year warranty on all their diffusers. So, if anything goes wrong with your diffuser then you just need to contact them and they will tell you what you need to do in order to have it replaced.

Whatever you want a diffuser for, you’ll find that Young Living has one that it just perfect for you.

Essential Oil Diffusers Fit For Purpose

Think about what you want your diffuser to do. For example:

  • Best car essential oil diffuser – I use the Viya Diffuser in my car when I go on long drives.
  • If you want to take it on holidays with you, then you need one with a USB lead so that you can plug it into any kind of power source overseas. The portable USB diffuser is perfect for this.
  • Best essential oil diffuser for running time – The Rainstone lasts for a long time too and I love that it changes colours, but it isn’t very practical if you have children. It’s handmade and has a ceramic base which will shatter if knocked off something.
  • If you want a diffuser that lasts all night? This is particularly handy over the winter months then I choose the Desert Mist or Lantern diffusers which both can last up to 10 hours.
  • Best essential oil diffuser for appearance – I wanted a gorgeous diffuser for my massage room. One which had a soft light, that gently lit the room enough for me to see to massage by. But which wasn’t too bright for the person having a massage. The Aria diffuser does this using LED lights inside the bowl. It also plays beautiful music and if I want I can also play music from my phone or iPod through it. It has a glass dome which isn’t very practical around children. But, together with the solid American maple base I think it makes a great talking point in a lounge room or office.
  • Best essential oil diffuser humidifier or if you’re looking for a diffuser for a child’s room then you can’t go past the Feather the Owl Diffuser. Feather acts as a night light, plays music and white noise, as well as giving off an essential oil mist.
  • Best essential oil diffuser for large spaces is the Aromalux diffuser.
  • Best essential oil diffuser for small space is the USB diffuser
  • Best essential oil diffuser for mould – The diffuser I use if there is mould in a room or house is the Aromalux diffuser. This Diffuser is designed to disperse the oils in a micro-fine vapour without water. This means that no added moisture is added to the air in order to disperse the essential oil. Mould feeds on moisture, so anything we can do to prevent adding more to the air is a good thing.

Compare the range of Young Living diffusers below.

best essential oil diffuser
best essential oil diffuser
best essential oil diffuser

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