Why is it called Young Living?

Gary Young - Young Living

Why is Young Living called that? Well wouldn’t you rather live to feel young rather than live to feel old? I don’t think many people would want to buy from a company called Old Living lol.

In all seriousness tho, it was named after it’s founder, Gary Young.

Following a serious logging injury in 1973, Gary’s path changed. He found himself fighting through 13 years of constant debilitating pain and frustration.

Once Gary began to regain the ability to walk—a miracle that defied his medical prognosis—his focus turned from logging and ranching to farming. He began experimenting with different modalities and many avenues of study, growing in his knowledge of herbs and natural healing.

The beginning of the Essential Oil Movement

With his farming background, Gary had a particular interest in the growing, harvesting, and distillation of oils from aromatic plants. So it was only natural that he would buy land and start growing the plants to make the essential oils himself.

From small beginnings at the St Maries Farm in Idaho Young Living now own many farm around the world. From small beginnings, big things grow. To learn more about the Young Living farms check out the Young Living Seed to Seal website.

I’ve been lucky enough to see 7 of the farms that Gary Young built. The one I loved most was the Finca Botanica Farm in Ecuador.

Gary sadly passed  away in May 2018. He was the undisputed leader of the modern day global essential oil movement.

Gary Young spent 35 years studying the benefits and perfecting the extraction of essential oils. All the while he was building a billion-dollar plus global business designed to share what he deemed “the gift” of essential oils with millions of people.

His commitment to physical and emotional wellbeing, combined with his lifelong love of nature, drove him to learn everything he could about essential oils.  This included everything from how they are produced to their wellness benefits.

Gary was passionate about providing all of Young Living members with only the highest quality oils. And if he was to control the quality then the oils could only be sourced from our own farms and Seed to Seal certified suppliers and partners across the globe.

This would ensure millions of people can enjoy the full benefits of these amazing natural gifts today.

Young Living – Purpose over Profit

He never made a product for a profit. Instead he made it for a purpose. Many of the products were designed with a particular person in mind. So he ensured that it was top quality before it went on sale. His wife Mary actually jokes about being Gary’s guinea pig for many of the products.

Those who knew Gary understood that no man ever had a bigger heart or was more devoted to the betterment of humanity. His love for others, empathy, and forgiving nature were always on display across his roles as a husband, father, farmer, researcher, leader, explorer, innovator, mentor, philanthropist, and more.

Gary’s “maverick” spirit, unfailing work ethic, and passion for life inspired everyone around him to be better, bolder, and kinder.

He not only pioneered and created the product category of high quality essential oils as a mainstream wellness solution, but he also raised the bar for quality standards and created a purpose-driven movement that continues to sweep the globe and change millions of lives for the better.

Young Living’s mission is one of Wellness, Purpose and Abundance. They want a Healthy Home for Everyone and a Healthy World for all.

You too can join the Essential Oil Movement just by starting to work on getting your home healthier. We have a number of great kits available that help you to swap out the nasty toxic products for natural, healthier ones.

Best of all you join a supportive community of people who will help you on your journey to get healthy and stay healthy. To check out the Starter Kits click here.

Why is it called Young Living?
Gary Young distilling essential oils.

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