3 Secrets to Help YOU Turn Dreams Into Reality

Turn dreams into reality

How do you Turn Dreams into Reality? They say every new year can be a fresh start, full of hopes and dreams.

So what are YOUR big dreams for the coming year? What hopes do you have for a better future? For you? Your relationships, career, family? The people you love? At the start of this year I want to share a couple of my dreams with you. I also want to share 3 secrets I discovered that helped me turn dreams into reality in my life. I know these secrets can work for you too!

We all have dreams – the trick is to turn Dreams Into Reality

When I was growing up my dreams were simple – I wanted to be a lawyer and to be Australia’s first female Prime Minister. Then as I grew older reality hit. I realised that I was more interested in nurturing things than suing people… and that politics sucks! But I DID want to help people and I did want to make a difference.

These days my dream is still to help people. I’m especially passionate about helping women create a low-tox, more natural and healthy life for themselves and their families. But I also want to be financially secure – to not have to worry about money, to be able to travel and give my girls the experiences and opportunities I wish I had when I was growing up.

It’s exciting, because through my business I feel like I’m ‘living the dream’ and getting closer and closer to financial security for the future. How am I doing that? Let me share 3 secrets to show you how to turn your dreams into reality this year:

Secret #1 – Embrace your ‘I really want to’ goals

Start by asking yourself – Which of my current dreams and goals are ‘should’ goals and which are ‘I really want to’ goals.

When I look back on my dreams and goals when I was growing up, so many of them were ‘should’ goals. I was pursuing them because they were what I thought I ‘should’ want to do. Usually they had more to do with what my parents or my boyfriend or society expected, than with what would help me be happy and fulfilled. The reality is, it’s hard to get passionate about ‘should’ dreams and goals

Now, think about yourself and your goals. Are they about making other people happy? What are you saying to yourself? I should do this to make my parents happy? Because it’s what my partner wants? Because it’s ‘a good thing to do’?

If that’s ringing true for you, then it’s time to think about what YOU really want to do. So often when we give ourselves permission to dream about what we really want, our goals become clearer and our passion and enthusiasm and energy return. So, forget the ‘should’ goals and focus on your ‘I really want to’ dreams.

Secret #2 – Take action in the areas you can influence

If you’ve ever read Stephen Covey’s book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, you’ll know there’s a big difference between what’s in our Circle of Concern – the stuff we think about and worry about – and what we actually have some control over (our Circle of Influence).

turn dreams into reality

For example, we all want to live in a healthy environment and we certainly want that for our kids. But there are lots of things that we have little control over. We can’t control pollution in our environment or government policy or what big business does. But we CAN control what we put into and on our bodies and our kids’ bodies and what we use in our own home.

That’s why I use Young Living products. Because I trust them and know that when I use them on my girls I’m using products that are safe and that are supporting their wellness, not compromising it. For me, that’s a no-brainer and it’s taken a lot of the stress out of my life. I know I’m taking good care of those precious girls.

A powerful way of turning your dreams into realities is to stop worrying about what you can’t control and focus on what you CAN influence. You’ll save yourself a heap of emotional energy and be amazed at just how many areas you can improve in your life. I’m not saying don’t be an activist or don’t try and change the big picture stuff. But begin with the things you can control – like what happens in your own family, in your own home – and you’ll be astounded at the influence that starts to have on the people around you.

Secret #3 – Do things consistently and never give up

If you’re anything like me, you’ve ‘indulged’ a little over the Christmas period. Now I’m feeling like I need to get back to being healthy. The New Year is the time when lots of people resolve to change their life, turn over a new leaf, start a diet, get back on the wagon, join a gym, give up relationships for ever… the list goes on! But a week down the track, all those good intentions have disappeared and nothing has changed.

It can be the same when it comes to major life changes or building a business or reaching your goals or making your dreams come true. How do you actually make it work? I’m so glad you asked!

The secret that I’ve found is that once you’ve discovered what your ‘I really want to’ goals are, you’ve realised the areas that you can truly have an impact in… then do something every day that will move you towards your goal.

Let me give you an example. You want to get healthy and kick the junk food. Right? Eating a salad for lunch for one day may make you feel good, but it’s not going to have a significant effect on your health. But doing that for 30 days is going to make a big difference. The key is consistency. And when those daily decisions and actions become habits, the real power to change kicks in. Consistency overtime compounds. Over the short term you may not see any difference but over the long term you will look back and see huge gains.

People ask me how I managed to grow my business while I was working full-time. My secret was consistency – I’d do something every day, often after the girls were in bed, to move the business forward. Whether it was writing a post or messaging people on Facebook or giving someone a call, I always did something. And now, my partner Jeremy and I are still doing that. We know where we want to get to – we have dreams that we’re turning into realities by taking action every day.

Turn YOUR dreams into a reality this year

It’s true… every new year IS the chance for you to have a fresh start. I know that you can make this year bigger and better and more fulfilling that last year. So embrace your ‘I really want to’ dreams, focus on the areas where you can have an influence and then take action every day. And when you look back, in 3 months or 6 months or 12 months time… You’ll discover just how far you’ve travelled and how much closer you are to turning those amazing dreams into realities. Have an awesome year!

Kim xo

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