Mumpreneurs – here’s the #1 PERFECT business for stay at home mums

business for stay at home mums

Are you a mum who is looking for the perfect business for stay at home mums?

Are you an entrepreneur already? Or do you want to be an entrepreneur?

Let me tell you why I think being a mumpreneur – mum and entrepreneur together – is the absolute BEST business for stay at home mums.

You can be an Entrepreneur

Here’s a little of my story…

I think I was always destined to be an entrepreneur.

Even when I was young I wanted a like like my Dad. He was a chiropractor and ran his own business.

I wanted to be able to work for myself, set my own hours, work from home, to have the freedom to have every Wednesday off to go sailing. I loved that he was able to take take time off to take us travelling around Victoria for 6 weeks and have a sleep after lunch everyday before going back to work for the rest of the afternoon. All while being quite successful.

And if you’ve read my previous posts about my Dad then you’ll know that the amazing thing is that my Dad has been blind all his life.

You can turn hard work into success and amazing results

You see, the difference between success and failure as an entrepreneur is doing the hard work consistently.

To do the income producing activities not just the busy work.

Or the fun stuff.

To be more of a doer than a dreamer.

Is that something that YOU could do?

One thing that works for me is to ask myself 3 questions to help me decide on what things I should be doing in my business and what things I shouldn’t?

Do you want to know what they are?

  1. Can I delete this? So in other words do I really need to do this? Is it going to get me where I want to go or is it just a distraction? Is it on the Business plan or part of the plan? Should it be added to the plan? Is it someone else’s good idea and they have roped me in? It’s important to have boundaries and learn to say no.
  2. Can I delegate this? A few years ago I read the 4 hour work week book by Tim Ferris and it became like the Bible for my business. After reading this I got myself a virtual assistant and began outsourcing the things that I can delegate. It was one of the best things I did.
  3. Can I automate it? Can I set up a system for on boarding new people? Can I set up a funnel to prequalify people? Can I batch tasks and then schedule them in advance? 

After running through these questions I can focus on the stuff that I really should be doing.

Do you have a system for working out what you will do in your business?

I can be the Mum I want to be

When I had my eldest I only had 6 months maternity leave and went back to work while her Dad stayed home and looked after her. It was the obvious choice as I earned more than double he did as a mechanic.

However as a result I missed first words, first steps, first tooth, first everything.

By the time my second daughter was born I started to realise how much I had missed. By this time I had started a social selling business as I started to think that there might be a better way to make money than my high pressure Government job. 

At first I started my social selling business because it was fun.

I love sharing my knowledge with other mums.

However I didn’t imagine I could ever leave my high paying. government job and just run my own business. It was really just a side hustle. Or so I thought.

The PERFECT Business for Stay at Home Mums

I want to be a mum who is present for these two beautiful creatures I bought in to this world. Not at work all day.

I remember when my youngest was in Kindergarten and I had a meeting at work which meant I missed her cross-country carnival at school. She was very upset and told me she was the only one without her mum there.

OUCH! It made me cry and I thought “I’ve got to do something else that gives me more freedom to go do things with my girls”. 

Life in the corporate world just didn’t seem fair!

I worked my ass off in my Government job and yet I still got paid the same as other people who didn’t work half as hard as I did.

I had bosses who were paid bigger money, but didn’t know very much and relied on my skills and experience.

I wanted to work for myself and know that I would be paid for my own hard work, knowledge and skills. 

Ability to travel

Let me ask you – what do you LOVE?

I’ve always loved to travel and one of the things that motivates me to do this business is “winning” trips. Okay, it’s not really winning, as I work my arse off to earn them. But getting these rewards motivates me to keep going.

Through my business I’ve even been blessed to take my children to see places like Bali, Alaska and Disneyland.

I want to be able to take them to many more places too, including a service trip where they get to see a form of poverty they will never personally experience.

As a single Mum for a few years I never would have been able to travel to places like Kenya, France, Croatia or Kota Kinabalu without Young Living. 

See, it really is the perfect business for stay at home mums!

It actually seems funny calling it a business for stay at home mums when most of us are off travelling. LOL!

A business that can give my partner choices

I want my partner to be able to choose what he does for work. For example, the choice to quit his casual teaching job (which he doesn’t exactly love!) and simply work in this amazing business too.

This was especially important when we went through COVID. Jeremy was out of work for almost two years. I am SO glad I had a Plan B!

As a casual teacher he relies on being rung up each morning to see if he can work. In a normal year this suits us as we travel overseas and even a lot in Australia with our business.

However, with being stuck at home for two years we haven’t travelled and the schools haven’t really needed casual teachers. No one was going on excursions, doing training, taking long service leave or even sick days.

He wasn’t even eligible for job keeper as the schools he teaches for are private schools and they weren’t eligible. Nor could he get job seeker as our business earns too much.

It’s been a hard year emotionally for him with not working or being able to earn a regular income. So hell yeah, I’m grateful I have the perfect business for stay at home mums! And their partners!

A business that helps me achieve my dreams

When people come to me with a need, I want to be able to help them meet those needs. Better yet, empower them ‘to fish’ by starting their own perfect business for stay at home mums.

I want to join forces with a health retreat, or establish one, and literally be a wellness centre for the sick to detox, reboot, and recover. 

I live on 5 acres but I want to build little cottages or tiny homes that I can rent out to people as their is an affordable housing crisis in my area.

I want to buy a horse for my children (ok we all know it’s secretly for me – childhood dream here)

And the best bit about being a Mumpreneur is that I get to join arms with other mums I’ve gotten to know (my chosen family) on this health and financial wellness journey and help them to achieve their dreams.

What are your dreams?

I’d love to help you achieve your dreams too.

Because I’m at that place of wanting more out of life. I know there’s more than the 9-5 rat race.

But what do YOU want?

You’ve got to decide that what you want from this business matters MORE.

More than the fear.

More than the excuses.

More than the self doubt.

What you desire MUST become MORE important than anything that could potentially inhibit your growth.

That includes those people who will tell you it’s a crazy idea or a scam.

If you truly desire wealth, the dream biz, the freedom…

Then you need to clarify exactly what you want from your dream biz and choose to pursue it without looking back. 

The Solution & Perfect Business Model for Stay At Home Mums

This is the solution for you.

We have a powerful business model that is just the vehicle you have been looking for. It will take you to where you want to go.

That’s why I truly believe with all my heart that this is the perfect business for stay at home mums.

I share about products I love on social media And as a Young Living Brand Partner I get paid a referral bonus for each person who uses my link to purchase their own products.

I empower people to stay above the wellness line, with education and awareness about toxic chemicals that are in pretty much all things (or so it feels).

I mentor, coach and support other mums to build their own awesome business for stay at home mums so that they too can enjoy the benefits that I have.

I was no one special when I started this business. I didn’t even have an Instagram account.

I was supported by a beautiful community of women who wanted to see me succeed.

‘Our world, now more than ever, needs as many compassionate, big hearted, conscious people to be as rich as possible so we can turn this mother around’

Author Jen Sincero

How much money can I make from a business for stay at home mums?

This is your own business.

You get out of it what you put in. Which I think is the best bit. I was sick of working hard so someone else could get rich off of my time and effort.

In this business model I work hard consistently over time and I not only get paid referral bonuses from Young Living for the people who use my referral link. But, I get commissions from the mums who join me and start their own business for stay at home mums.

I have a whole other post called Can I make money with Young Living that spells all this out.

You should also check out the Young Living Income Disclosure Statement which shows the incomes Young Living Brand Partners make at various stages in their businesses. OMG check this out you guys! This lets you know what is possible in this business for stay at home mums.

Which level would you need to be in order for your dreams to become a reality?

How do I become a Young Living Brand Partner?

The ONLY requirement to start and run your very own Young Living business is to:

  1. Grab yourself a premium starter bundle (These start at $262)
  2. Spend 100pv (Around $160) on Young Living essential oils and low tox products for yourself and your family each month.

Is that it? Yep that’s it.

That’s not a lot to invest in your own personal health and wellness but also to run your very own business.

Your business expenses are literally your monthly toiletries and groceries (things we’re all buying every month anyway!!).

And the best part – your monthly order starts to get paid for very quickly and then you start making a profit.

People spend literally thousands starting up their own businesses, paying rent, buying stock, materials, overheads, wages etc. and then are lucky to break even in the first year. That’s why so many businesses go bust in the first few years.

We will provide you with everything you need to create and grow your own social selling business. All for less than $275.

We will give you the tools you need to create social media posts and stories, ideas for income-producing activities, help you craft your own product and business story, and plan a daily schedule to help you meet your goals. 

This really is the best business for stay at home mums.

Grab your Young Living Starter Bundle and we’ll be in touch to plug you into our FREE business mentorship and all the support and resources YOU need to hit the ground running.

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