Can you make money with Young Living?

can you make money with young living

Have you ever wondered if you can make money with Young Living? The short answer is Hell Yeah!

Take me for example. I’ve built a social selling business by sharing about products that I’m passionate about and that actually work.

Who do YOU know that could benefit from trying all natural, environmentally friendly products? People will thank you and be eternally grateful that you shared these products with them.

By sharing products and even a business model that you love with others, Young Living pays you as a Brand Partner for referring people to them. Check out the amazing Young Living compensation plan 2021 that is designed to set you up for success.

Is it easy to make money with Young Living?

I never tell people it will be easy, but is it worth it? Hell Yeah!

But let me warn you – if you’re coming in to make big money fast then you’re probably wasting your time. I’m not saying that it’s impossible or that I’ve never seen people grow their business quickly. But,I have seen lots of people come in hoping to get rich quick and they burn out quicker than they get rich.

However, if you’re willing to look at this business model as a fun and rewarding longer term financial plan for your family then you’re definitely in the right spot.

Consistency is key in this business. Showing up everyday so people get to know you, like you and trust you before they will buy the products you are sharing about.

The Social Selling Industry is an awesome business model that allows us to build a business sustainably over time around our other commitments such as family and work.

And best of all it’s a business model that we can leave as a legacy for our children and grandchildren. I know my Government job won’t continue to pay my children after I am no longer here.

What skills or qualifications do you need to make money with Young Living?

That’s the best thing. You don’t need a university degree or a particular skills set. You don’t even need to have finished high school. But that doesn’t mean just anyone can make money with Young Living. Our awesome oily community can teach you all the skills you need to be successful.

However, over the twelve years that I have been with Young Living, I have seen certain characteristics in people who make money with Young Living and go on to build successful social selling businesses. These are outlined below.

Do you care about other people?

Here’s the bottom line – you can make money with Young Living if you care about other people.

Have you seen the kids movie “the Lorax”? It’s got the most awesome environmentally friendly message running all through it. It got me thinking about why I started sharing Young Living products with my friends and family, who then shared with their friends and family and so on.

I cared about my friends’ health, their hormones, their emotional well-being, their kids’ health, their pets… And I cared about the environment – this precious planet we all have to live in for generations to come. I didn’t start sharing to make any money, that was just a bonus. I shared because I cared.

Not everyone shares Young Living products with the people they care about. In fact less than 20% of the people who order Young Living products help other people get started on this wellness journey. Most people just want to order really awesome low tox products and aren’t interested in making any money out of this.

But why keep these amazing products a secret from the people we care about??? So, in the words of Dr Seuss “unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” 

Has this stirred your curiosity? Interested in exploring this further?

If so, here are four questions to ask yourself:

Do you want to help people?

You can make money with Young Living if you truly want to help other people achieve their dreams. As Zig Ziglar said “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

This is a service based business. The more people you help the more you can earn. I love this as it means we have a community of women who are lifting each other up. Cheering each other on. Not stepping over each other or trying to rip the crown from anyone’s head. There is plenty of room at our table for anyone who wants a seat.

We care about you and YOUR DREAMS. We want to work with you on achieving them. We can help you reach your dreams and live the life you’ve always imagined!

can you make money with young living

Are you willing to work hard?

You can make money with Young Living if you put in the work. It is like any other business in that you have to open the doors to your business everyday and show up.

I love having the freedom to work my own hours, be my own boss and best of all, the harder I work, the more I get paid.

I hated working in a place where people were being paid the same amount I was, but weren’t working anywhere near as hard as me. It was really unfair. With social selling you are able to be paid based on how hard you work given you are working on the right income producing activities. These are covered in the training and support that you’ll get from our awesome oily community.

Are you coachable and willing to learn?

You can make money with Young Living if you are willing to learn the skills of social selling. And what better way to learn than from a fun, likeminded community.

I actually loved that I got paid to learn as I built my social selling business. No one paid me while I was studying for my University Degree. In fact I had to have multiple jobs at the same time as studying just to pay the bills.

You don’t need to have a massive social media following to do this. Join with us and we will show you how to build a successful social selling business.

Do you want to live a life with purpose?

My life before Young Living had very little purpose. I felt like I was a mother and looking after my children, as important as that is, was about it. If you are looking to make money from home from a business that also gives you a sense of purpose, then Young Living is for you.

I not only get to help people improve their health and wellness but I educate them on how to go low tox and ditch the nasty chemicals as well.

I get to lift other women up by teaching them how to build their own social selling business and through awesome personal development opportunities.

And best of all when I see the difference that their social selling business is making to their family it warms my heart and fills up my cup. The things they now get to do that they could’t before.

So for some it is not about whether they can make money with Young Living or not it is about finding a purpose for being here on the planet.

This is what I was born to do. It is my purpose. What were you born to do?

How do you get paid with Young Living?

Let’s get down to the financial nitty-gritty.

Getting paid by Young Living is as simple as sharing your referral link with your friends & family so they can purchase Young Living products through your link. Young Living then pay you a commission as a Brand Partner for every person you refer to them. This is just one of the ways you can make money with Young Living.

There are also other perks such as saving 24% off the retail price of all the Young Living products.

can you make money with Young Living

How much money can you make with Young Living?

How long is a piece of string? Click the link to check out the Young Living average monthly income 2020 earned by Young Living businesses at various stages in their business. This is what we call the Income Disclosure Statement. Which stage or level would you like to achieve in your own Young Living business? Which income level would change your life?

But I want to reiterate that you get paid based on your work. There are only really three things we do in social selling and if you do these things well time and time again then you can make money with Young Living. When you join our awesome oily community we will teach you how to do these three things.

Would you like to start earning a couple of hundred dollars extra a month?

Earn a generous 25% bonus, up to $260.00 each person, on the orders of all the new people you refer to Young Living during the first three calendar months!

And if your friends and family share their referral link with other people Young Living pays you another bonus of 10%, up to $104.00 each, on these newly enrolled peoples’ orders during their first 3 months.

This is just one of the ways you can make money with Young Living.

What are the First Steps to becoming a Brand Partner with Young Living?

If you’re wondering how it works once you decide to become a Brand Partner, I’ve got you covered. 

Let me map out the first steps to becoming a Young Living Brand Partner and building the social selling business of your dreams. 

1/ The first step is to purchase either a Premium Starter Kit or 100pv of any products you choose.

2/ We will then get in contact with you and provide you with everything you need to create and grow your social selling business for less than $275. Now tell me where else you could buy a business for that kind of money?

3/ We will give you the tools you need to brainstorm income-producing activities, craft your own Young Living story, and plan a daily schedule to help you meet your goals.

4/ Even more, there is a wealth of resources provided directly from Young Living and through our awesome support team. Let me say this LOUD – You don’t have to do this alone!

Why start your social selling business with US?

Simple – Our team and oily community offer the best support you’ll find.

We truly have the best business systems and training of any Young Living team. Just check out some of the awesome free resources and videos on this webpage to see what I mean. If this is the stuff we are willing to give away for free then imagine what you will have access to as one of our VIPs.

Our private online support groups are full of everything you need to build a successful and sustainable social selling business with Young Living. We ensure you have access to the best product information as well as personal development, business mentoring, coaching and social selling training (such as how to sell Young Living on instagram).

Business owners out there who are running other business models pay thousands of dollars for the kind of training and support that we offer our VIP business owners for free.

Link arms with us and I know we can not only help you to make money with Young Living but you can also be living the life you have always dreamed of.

Want to learn more about the Young Living Business Model?

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Find your life’s purpose with endless opportunities and start to make money with Young Living today by grabbing your very own starter bundle.

If you still have questions or want more information about starting your own Young Living social selling business then email me. There’s no such thing as a ‘silly question’ – so don’t be shy! I’m happy to answer any questions you have and even arrange a time to chat over the phone or Zoom if you like.

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