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So, I have been a bit slack keeping this blog up to date and I didn’t give you a final tally of my weight loss at the end of the 12 week Slique Challenge. Not that I did it just for the challenge, but the prize money was a good incentive. I lost a total of 14.1 kilos in the 12 weeks from the 1st February to the 26th April, with my final weigh in at 67.2kgs.

I am happy with the weight I lost. I feel a lot healthier. I can fit into all my clothes that I wore before I had my two gorgeous girls, which is amazing, as most are size 12. I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe and it didnt cost me anything. Lot’s of people have commented on my transformation, particularly those who haven’t seen me in a while. They say I have lost a lot of weight off my face.

slique challenge

My goal when I started this was to lose 15kgs, and I went pretty close. I am continuing on with the challenge until I reach this goal. I think it is really important to set goals, both long term and short, so that you keep on track and monitor your progress. I once read that you should not only track how much you have lost but also how much you have got to go, as it keeps your mind focused on the end goal. This way you don’t become complacent with what you have achieved, when there is still more to go.

Balance Complete Shakes – Slique Challenge

I found it easy to replace the breakfast and lunch meals with a Balance Complete Shake, as I am usually too busy in the morning to make breakfast and then when I am at work I am usually on the go, running between meetings, so a shake is definitely a bonus. I actually feel I have saved money being on the program, as instead of buying my lunch most days I am simply having the shake and some fruit.

I love medjool dates if I need something sweet, plus a few macadamia nuts to tide me over between meals. I often added a few other things to my Balance Complete shake, such as Orange, Tangerine and Nutmeg, plus from time to time I would whip it up in the blender with a banana.

Balance Complete is an essential oil-infused, superfood-based meal replacement, supplying an incredible 12 grams of fibre per serving. You simply add 3 scoops of Balance Complete to 200-250mL cold water, milk or plant-based milk. Shake, stir, or blend until smooth.

I drink the Slique tea which helps fill me up. Sometimes if I am too busy to drink the tea it would go cold (I’m sure other mothers can relate to that) and I would use it in my Balance Complete Shake, instead of plain water.

I am looking forward to including a few more carbs in my diet, as my family really like their pasta. Our dinners have mainly consisted of meat/fish/chicken and veggies, with the occasional bowl of brown rice. If I stick to the two Balance Complete shakes on the days I do eat pasta, I’m sure I will keep the weight off. Or else have the pasta for lunch and the shake for dinner. I still haven’t heard the result of the Slique Challenge to know who won, but I am happy with myself for what I have achieved. Plus I feel a million times healthier, having lost 17.3% of my body weight.

If you are interested in what I looked like before I lost the weight. You can check out my before (the Slique Challenge Photos) here.

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