What is Slique and why do a challenge ?

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I can’t believe I’m going to do the Young Living Slique Challenge? You might be wondering what is Young Living Slique? The name comes from ‘Sleek Physique’ which then was shortened to Slique. 

I have been asking myself “how did I get so big”. But here I am on the 1st February 2013 starting this 12 week challenge. I have started this blog as a way of keeping on track and monitoring my progress. It some how makes me feel accountable, even if no-one follows my blog, I will know it is out there.

One of the competition rules stated that we had to submit a front and side photo with a dated newspaper. So here are mine. Not a pretty sight. It said to wear tight fitting clothes. I guess so you can really see the difference after 12 weeks.

what is slique

Ideally I would like to loose 20 kilograms and be back to my wedding/pre-babies weight. I’m not sure how realistic that is in 12 weeks. But hey, you’ve got to give it a go.

My starting weight is 81.3kgs.

What is the Slique Challenge?

I have already received my Slique Challenge kit, so I could start straight away. The Kit consists of two boxes of Slique Tea, two tubs of Balance complete and one 15ml bottle of Slique Essence – everything you need to reach your daily goals and complement a natural lifestyle!

I am going to substitute two meals a day with Balance Complete and then eat veggies and protein for dinner, so I have stocked up on some extra Balance Complete, as I will need 4 packets to get through the month. The Balance Complete Shake tastes like Vanilla, so I quite like the taste. Check out this post for some recipes I have created to make my Balance Complete Shakes even more yummy.

slique challenge kit

What is Slique Tea?

Weight loss is a growing industry worldwide and Young Living wanted to create a slightly sweet tea that people could drink instead of sugar laden drinks. The tea took 2 years to research as the manufacturers wanted to do something no-one else had before – use Vanilla essential oil, frankincense powder, cinnamon bark or chocolate powder. Slique tea sold out within 3 hours of being launched. It is in the top 3 selling products and growing.

Slique tea is high in Catechin anti-oxidants – a type of anti-oxidant found in the leaves of the tea plant Camellia sinensis. The health benefits of tea catechins have been under close scrutiny since 1990’s duet the strong association of tea with long life and health in many ancient cultures.

At the heart of this unique blend are two premium varieties of jade oolong tea leaves, highly sought-after for their rich aroma and antioxidant content. It contains natural caffeine to increase basal metabolic rate and chocolate to help suppress appetite.

What does Slique taste like?

Vanilla, nutmeg, stevia (that is the sweetener), cinnamon and chocolate. I think it will take me a little getting used to. It is not unpleasant at all, just different.

So on day one I feel great. I have drunk plenty of water, 3 cups of slique tea, two balance complete and for dinner some meat and salad. I haven’t felt hungry which was good.

Frequently Asked Questions about Slique

I have had a few questions from people interested in trying the Slique Products, so I thought I would post the questions and answers here.

Q) Why did you choose to do the Slique Challenge? 
A) Because I want to get healthier. It is a totally natural program and this is really important to me. Plus, there are prizes for the people who lose the most amount of weight over the 12 weeks.

Q) What else are you doing to help your weight?
A) I am using other essential oils such as Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon Myrtle, Balsalm Fir, Lemongrass and the Slique Essence. Slique Essence combines Grapefruit, Tangerine, Lemon, Spearmint, and Ocotea with stevia extract in a unique blend that can be used for flavouring food and beverages. I am also trying to exercise every day, even if it is just incidental exercise, like jumping on the trampoline with my girls.

Q) Do you eat on the Slique Challenge?
A) Firstly it is good to check out the competition guidelines, which says “Use Slique products daily as part of your healthful diet and exercise regimen.” I am drinking a Balance Complete shake for breakfast and lunch, nuts and/or fruit between meals, having a small amount of protein and salad or veggies for dinner and drinking the Slique tea, Ningxia Red and heaps of water.

Q) Do I have to be a member to buy the Slique Products?
A) NO, but you will pay 24% more as a retail customer than members do. You do however have to be a member to enter the Slique Challenge.

Q) How do I become a member and order the Slique Challenge kit?
A) Click the button below to order your Slique Challenge Kit and join me on the challenge.

If you would like to join me on the challenge it is not too late to start. My membership number is 1162233 if you would like me to be your sponsor and support you on your Slique journey.

Best of luck to you on your journey to lasting health! 


  • If you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use. Consult a health professional before starting this program.

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