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When I first started the journey towards a low tox home I didn’t know where to begin! I had tried (& failed!) to make the switch so many times, but it wasn’t until someone showed me that something was MISSING that things truly started to click. I started changing out my cleaning and personal care products for better, safer alternatives.

All it took was for someone to show me the ropes and I FINALLY began to understand WHY it was so important. I want to be that person for you. To help you and other mums to make healthier, more informed choices when it comes to choosing products to use in your home. It can be difficult to know where to start and what to believe.

To make things super easy Young Living has developed a new interactive course to introduce you to Low-Toxin Cleaning. Toxins and chemicals in our household products can be very harmful to all living beings. In this course, we will explore how to get those harmful constituents out of your home, and the benefits of doing so.

Hormone Imbalance

My clean & green journey began when my hormones were out of balance. I began to look into the chemicals that mimic oestrogen (xenoestrogens).  These are found in all kinds of products we put on our skin, wash our hair in, wipe our babies bottoms with, spray on ourselves and use to clean our houses. Is it any wonder most people today know someone with fertility problems, early onset of puberty, thyroid issues and even cancer??? ⠀⠀

Although I was fairly natural before having my two little girls, it’s amazing what growing tiny humans inside your body will do for your motivation. I was suddenly very aware of what I was eating, putting on my body and even the harmful chemicals in my environment. I often say I became “pregnant womanzilla”. Many women experience being a bridezilla, where they go a little crazy before their wedding. Well, that was me before I gave birth. Everything had to be totally natural. I cleaned out practically every product from under our kitchen sink and laundry cupboard.

Best Natural Cleaning Products for a low tox home?

Minimal Impact (or as my youngest daughter will tell you “They are Good for the Environment“) – Naturally green cleaners and personal care products reduce chemical residue buildup in the environment, as well as the impact of waste from containers. It is important for me to help future generations have clean water to drink and a healthy planet to live on. I love teaching my children how they can protect their environment by choosing natural products.

Health – Reduce the risk of contaminating your body or causing allergies and other health conditions by using natural cleaning products and wearing clothes that have been washed in natural laundry detergents. Natural cleaning products reduce the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals for you, your family and your pets. You can learn more about the Dirty Dozen in another Blog Post I wrote about this.

Cost -it might surprise you that many natural products are actually cheaper than their toxic laden competitors. The Thieves Household Cleaner for example works out at 94 cents for a 300ml spray bottle when the  concentrated cleaner is made up in the recomended 1:30 ratio. You couldn’t buy a spray cleaner that cheap at the supermarket.

Cleaning Products Impact Our Hormones

Not all chemicals are bad. I mean after all water is a chemical. However it is alarming to think that in 1965 there were only 211,936 registered chemicals. By November 2008 there were over 37 Million and this is increasing by about 4000 a day.

150 chemicals found in homes have been linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological abnormalities.

The typical home has over 63 hazardous products that contain 100’s of chemicals. No testing has been done on the combined effects of these chemicals.

We are exposed to more harmful chemicals in one day than our grandparents were in a year.

How do these harmful chemicals enter our bodies?

Did you know our skin is very porous and it only takes 20 seconds for toxins to enter our bloodstream? Another reason I don’t put anything on my skin that I would not eat! So, in order to absorb the toxins, you don’t necessarily have to swallow them. The most common way cleaning chemicals enter our body is by inhalation. Once these chemicals are in our body they can cause a lot of damage to the organs. They are either stored in fat tissue and our bones or excreted as waste.

Hormone Imbalance and making us fat?

Did you know that your cleaning products could actually be contributing to those extra kilos? Your body is storing all those harmful chemicals in fat to protect you. I want you to think for a moment about how much chemical overload your body has endured in its lifetime.

I am not just talking about what you have eaten, but the cleaning products you wash your dishes with, clean your benches down with, what you have used as makeup, shampoos, moisturisers, toothpaste etc. These are all factors to consider when we talk about toxins. Our body uses fat as a defence system against harmful chemicals. It holds on to (or stores) these harmful chemicals that we have been subjected to as a way of protecting the rest of our organs.

Oh, and what about those delightful little lumpy bumps most of us have that we call cellulite? You guessed it – build up of harmful chemicals!

So getting healthy is not just about eating right and exercise.

It all makes sense now right? So what do you do? Cleanse and Detox. I’m not talking about nutritional detoxing, as that is a whole other subject which we are talking about this month in our Ningxia Red Challenge (message me if you want more info about this).

Go Low Tox in your Home

I’m talking about detoxing your home and minimising future exposure. Start today. You might decide to wait to finish off what’s left in that bench spray bottle rather than waste it? Trust me, for the few $’s you paid for it, it’s worth throwing it out! Even if it is just one thing you change today – do it.

And while you are on a roll, make the change with your personal care products and makeup. You could download an app like the one called Ingred to check the ingredients in all your products.

Don’t have time to check all the ingredients on every product you buy? Young Living has done it for you. They have a great range of cleaning, personal care products and even make-up you know you can trust. I encourage people to start with the Thieves Household Cleaner as it is a years worth of cleaning power in one bottle.

Thieves Products save you money in your low tox home

low tox home thieves cleaner

The ultra-concentrated power of plant-based, vegan-friendly Thieves products can be used in every room in your home – replacing dozens of other harsh chemical cleaners to keep your home clean, fresh and safe. You can now see how much you’re saving by using our concentrated Thieves cleaning range. Check out the Thieves Value for Money Chart.

Young Living has a number of great bundles which save you money on the Thieves range of products too.

  • I’m in love with the Nature’s Home Essentials Bundle which not only comes with the most commonly used Thieves products but it also has a booklet and magnet to help you use the products and ditch the nasty toxins in your home.
  • If you are on Young Living’s Essential Rewards Program then the Healthy Home Essential Rewards Bundle is great. It saves you $49.59 off the already discounted wholesale price of the Thieves products.
  • If you haven’t already got a Young Living wholesale account then the Healthy Home Starter Bundle is a great way to start replacing a number of products in your home in one foul swoop.

Natural Cleaning Recipes for a Low Tox Home

And if you needed any more convincing on why you should detox your home of nasty chemicals I have a FREE ebook for you to download as a gift for reading right to the end of this.

low tox home natures essentials ebook

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