Stunning Summer Diffuser Blends

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The warm sun is shining and Lime and Valor essential oils are diffusing in a couple of diffusers throughout my house. This equals a recipe for the perfect summer day. 

Bring those warm & summery aromas into your home with these amazing summer diffuser blends!

Summer Diffuser Blends

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Smells like summer

I guess it depends where you grew up as to what you think summer smells like but for me it was the smell of coconut tanning lotion, Melaleuca quinquenervia or paperbark trees in flower and Calypso Ice blocks.

3 - Stunning Summer Diffuser Blends - young living

Hello Sunshine

Who else loves the feel of the sun on their skin? I would much rather be hot than cold. I am always happy when Summer comes around and it is warm again.

4 - Stunning Summer Diffuser Blends - young living

Summer Breeze

We live up in the hills and in the afternoons we get a lovely summer breeze coming in off the ocean. It cools everything down and has that lovely salty smell.

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Beach Walk

Nothing beats an early morning walk on the beach. Where we live we can still be lucky enough to be the only one on the beach some days. I feel blessed to feel such soft between my toes.

5 - Stunning Summer Diffuser Blends - young living

Ocean Waves

After growing up in Australia it is weird to go to beaches overseas where there are no waves. For me bodysurfing the waves is synonymous with summer.

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