Why A Young Living Starter Bundle is the #1 Best Christmas Gift?

Young Living Starter Bundle

Sick of feeling blah? Purchasing a Young Living starter bundle, Young Living Ningxia Red, or the Healthy Homes Starter Bundle, is a great way to start ditching the toxins in your home and leading a healthier, more conscious life. Gift it to yourself (you are definitely worth it), leave subtle hints for your partner to order you one (or give them my website address and I’ll help them out) or even gift a Young Living Starter Bundle to someone you care about (who could do with a boost at this time of year).

What would I do with a Young Living Starter Bundle?

People are often worried that they won’t use everything in their Young Living Starter Bundle but that thought goes out the window as soon as it arrives in the post. With one of the Essential Oils Starter Bundles you can:

  • purify the air with the Thieves essential oil blend (especially if there is mould)
  • experience a deeper sleep and wake more rested by diffusing Lavender before bed or add it to your bath water with some epsom salts (believe me our Lavender smells like the real flower, not that synthetic crap most shops sell)
  • settle and calm hard-to-manage kids with a few drops of Peace and Calming essential oil blend
  • boost physical resilience by applying Panaway before and after exercise
  • manage emotions and ease day-to-day stress with the Stressaway essential oil blend
  • sharpen concentration, memory recall, and mental clarity by inhaling Peppermint essential oil
  • give yourself a boost of happiness throughout the day by inhaling or diffusing some Orange essential oil (My girls fav saying is “Orange makes you happy”)
  • infuse your home with a beautiful energy and spirit by diffusing the essential oil blend called Valor (it’s the botanicals the Roman soldiers bathed in to give them courage before going into battle – so if you all your kids could do with a little extra courage then this is the oil blend for you)
  • raise your vibrational frequency by inhaling Frankincense plus it’s great to add to skin moisturisers as we get older (if it’s good enough for Cleopatra then it’s good enough for me)
  • clean with Lemon essential oil for a fresh smelling home (its also great to pop a few drops on a broom and sweep away cobwebs to help stop them coming back so quickly)
  • rub a few drops of Digize essential oil on your belly after overeating this holiday season to keep your tummy happy
  • make your own natural chest rub (free of petrochemicals like the ones in the supermarket and chemist) with coconut oil and the RC essential oil blend.
  • and if you are into Do It Yourself (DIY) you can use all of these essential oils to make plant based, all natural personal care and cleaning products to replace the conventional supermarket bought ones. I have a heap of DIY recipe ebooks and videos to help you with this.

This kit, which is great for people just starting out on the low tox journey, is valued at twice its wholesale price of $275 for the Dew Drop and Desert Mist diffuser bundles (+ shipping). Yep you pay the wholesale price on all the Young Living starter bundles – how good is that? It’s a game changer because it contains 12 essential oils and your choice of a diffuser to support you through any issue that may arise. Think of it like your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual first aid kit.

The unmatched potency and purity of Young Living essential oils allow you to integrate them into every aspect of your life. You can use them as your go-to wellness cabinet for everyday discomforts, reclaiming your power as your family’s healer and embracing nature’s pharmacy.

Young Living essential oils also make excellent perfumes. Gifting someone a bottle of these pure therapeutic-grade oils is the simplest way to initiate them on their low toxic journey. Some great options for perfumes are Jasmine, Joy, Ylang Ylang, Stress Away, Lady Sclareol, and White Angelica. I guarantee that you will receive more compliments when wearing Young Living perfumes compared to conventional, carcinogenic, and hormone-disrupting ones. I even have an ebook full of perfume recipes in my VIP Facebook to help you learn to make your own signature perfume scents.

But best of all for the month of December 2023 you can get a free Joy essential oil (worth $31.65) with any of the Young Living Starter Bundles on Essential Rewards– that’s your perfume covered for the next year at least. Who couldn’t do with a bit more Joy in your life?

Healthy Homes Starter Bundle

Or if you know you need to make a change by replacing toxic, hormone disrupting household cleaners with plant based, all natural ones then the Healthy Homes Premium Starter Bundle is for you. This bundle contains our signature Thieves range.

The Thieves household cleaner is not only powerful, but also the most economical cleaner on the market (only 99cents to make up for 300ml! of spray cleaner and you can clean everything in your kitchen and bathroom with it).

Young Living offers a wide range of natural cleaning products in the Thieves range including laundry soap, dish soap, the Thieves fruit and veggie soak (OMG you won’t believe how much gunk was on your food until you have washed them in this), Aromabright toothpaste, Foaming Hand Soap and hand sanitiser. All of these plus 6 of our most popular essential oils for cleaning and the stunning Italian glass Lucia diffuser come packed up in a beautiful box as part of the Healthy Homes Starter Bundle.

Ningxia Red Starter Bundle

Or if your overall health and energy levels could do with a boost then the Ningxia Red Starter bundle is for you. We can’t always get all our vitamins from the food we eat, particular as out lives are busy. That’s why I drink Ningxia Red. Power your life with a delicious blend of nutrient-rich wolfberry puree, superfruit juices and pure essential oils formulated to energise, fortify and revitalise the body and mind. 

With Young Living, there is no need to walk down “that” aisle in the supermarket or health food store again, as they cater to the needs of everyone, regardless of age, gender, or lifestyle.

How will I know what to do with everything in the Young Living Starter Bundle?

Making that first healthy swap is crucial, and it can be a little overwhelming at first but that’s why I’m here. I have all the resources to help you get started using natural, healthy, low tox products. There is Oily Bootcamp (online 14 day course introducing you to aromatherapy and using essential oils), our Welcome Book (packed with DIY recipes and tips for using the products that come in your Young Living starter bundle) and a VIP Facebook group with heaps of information to help you learn and a supportive community to answer all your questions.

Free $45 consultation with a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

Young Living Starter Bundle bonus - Professional Consultation with Kim Thomson - Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

Plus on top of all this for the month of December 2023 I am offering a 30 minute Zoom Aromatherapy consultation (valued at $45) to anyone who gets started with a Young Living Starter Bundle. In my aromatherapy practice I specialise in women’s hormones and pre/post natal care but you can use the time to talk ask about any other physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issue that aromatherapy can assist with. I offer these consultations using Zoom so it doesn’t matter where you live but if you are local to me you are welcome to have a face to face consultation.

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