What is frequency… and why do you need to raise yours?


You probably need to know what frequency is before finding out whether essential oils can actually change it. I’ve talked before about how essential oils can help us to deal with emotions and even break emotional patterns that we may have fallen into. Our emotions are centred in the Limbic system of our brain. And smells can trigger this. But did you know that it goes much deeper than this? Essential oils actually affect our frequency. 

So what is frequency?

It’s a measurement of the rate at which things vibrate. For example sound and light have frequencies which measure how many times they vibrate per second. We measure this in Hertz. The cells of our bodies also vibrate and have frequencies. Even our words have frequencies. Did you know the highest frequency word is ‘love’? The second highest is ‘thank you’. 

Plants have frequencies and when we turn them into essential oils these also have frequencies. In fact some essential oils have the highest frequencies of any substance on earth.

What affects frequency?

Each essential oil contains a different frequency and therefore they resonate with different parts of the body and even different people. An essential oil’s frequency can even be dependent on the person’s frequency who is using them. Would you grab a sledge hammer to hammer in a small brad? Sometimes people just need a gentle tap, so they can find the frequency of certain essential oils overpowering. Particularly the emotional and spiritual essential oils which have higher frequencies. 

The frequency of essential oils is even effected by the people who cultivated the plants, distilled the oil and even blended them. I once heard Gary Young talk about how he only wants happy workers to work on his farms and that if someone is having a bad day then they should take the day off so that frequency doesn’t carry over in to the plants. This even extends to the ethics of the company who sell the essential oils. If they are founded on rocky ground then once again what is the frequency of their essential oils going to be like?

Gary Young says, “Thought equals frequency. Essential oils absorb our thoughts and they are registered in the oils as INTENT. Intent is directed energy. When you apply an intent-energised oil on your feet they can saturate all of your cells within 60 seconds, thus increasing the frequencies of the cells throughout the body.” 

What about on a cellular level?

Candace Pert, the lady who discovered the opiate receptor in the brain also discovered in the 1980’s that vibrations affect our bodies on a cellular level. When a cell is needing to acquire molecular information from the brain or receives nutritional molecules from food or hormones it’s like a doorbell. The right doorbell chimes (vibrates) and the door that matches that vibration on the cell opens allowing those things to enter. This passes a charge into the cell changing the cell’s electrical frequency as well as its chemistry. Wow does this mean we can change our cells and maybe even our DNA with vibrations?

Even our thoughts have are vibrations. Everything that happens in the body first starts with thought. If you want to be successful in life, you think about what you want, you dream about it, you live it. This also creates the frequency or energy that you put out into the world. This can act like a magnet, attracting similar energies to you. So be careful what energy you are giving off.

How can we raise our frequency? Your body’s normal frequency 68-72 mgHtz. When your body’s frequency is low your immune system can be affected. Good food, meditation, exercise, reiki, energy work, positive thoughts and even prayer or affirmations can all raise our frequency. Using essential oils can also raise our body’s frequency. 

Using Essential Oils to change our frequency

Don’t wait for something to go wrong before using essential oils, use them every day to keep your frequency high. Start and end your day with essential oils whether that’s by diffusing them, adding them to your skin care routine, inhaling them before yoga or even treating yourself to an essential oil massage.

When you begin to intentionally use essential oils with positive thoughts (which have a higher frequency again), you will have those molecules of life going straight into your cells. Grab your favourite essential oil. Set an intention and inhale away. You won’t know if it works if you don’t give it a go.

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