Why diffuse essential oils?

diffuse essential oils

People often ask me “Why do you diffuse essential oils?” I’d love to say “Why not?” But, I’m not usually that witty or quick with my responses.

So, I’m sure that at one time in your life you probably owned an oil burner, right? I know I did. I had peach oil burning all day long in it. It used to give me headaches, but I wanted my old, mouldy, musty house to smell nice. I thought it was better and easier to set up the oil burner to fragrance my house throughout the day than spraying air freshener. ⠀

What I also noticed was that after a while, even though there was water still in my oil burner and the candle was still going, there was no smell coming out of it. Was I just used to the smell now and I couldn’t smell it anymore? I would look into the water and I could still see drops of essential oil. So, there must still be some in it… so why can’t I smell it? ⠀

Three things you need to know about essential oils

Evidently there were a few things going on. Firstly, essential oils are made up of hundreds of different molecules. Each of these are responsible for different things. Only some of them give an essential oil its smell. These particular molecules are lighter than others in the essential oil, so they burn off and disappear the fastest when the oil is heated or even when it just comes in to contact with the air. This is why you can see the essential oil in the burner, but you’re not able to smell it.⠀

Secondly, essential oils lose a lot of their healing properties when they are heated. So, if you’re spending money on a good quality Lavender oil to calm your kids at bedtime and then heating it in an oil burner, then you’re wasting your money. Essential oils work best at low temperatures. Around room temperature is good. That’s why I only use cold air diffusers in my house.⠀

Thirdly, there’s a difference in the quality of essential oils sold. Just like there’s a difference in the quality of the supermarket brand $2 milk and the non-homogenised milk I buy for $4. There’s a difference between chuck steak and eye fillet. Ultimately, you get what you pay for. When I diffuse essential oils I want them to actually work and that’s why I only use Young Living’s essential oils. I have been to 6 of their farms now and they have their Seed to Seal guarantee – the real deal.

Want to discover more about essential oils? Check out my essential oils FAQ page.

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