If you fall off the horse, hop up and get back on

I didn’t have a great week this week, as far as weight loss goes. I went to a Young Living business training in Sydney on the weekend and forgot to take my Balance Complete Powder to make the shakes. I took the shaker but not the stuff to go in it. So I resorted to eating Cornflakes, Sandwiches and Vegetarian Korma and rice. My tummy certainly wasn’t used to eating all these carbohydrates again. I didn’t realise how good I was feeling until I loaded up on carbs. Wheat and carbohydrates in general seem to make me feel bloated and heavy. Sticking to the Balance Complete shakes twice a day, then lean protein, fruit, vegetables and nuts has certainly been a good choice for me.

I used to eat cereal for breakfast (carbs), crisp bread for morning tea (carbs), a whole grain sandwich for lunch (carbs) and we would regularly eat pasta for dinner (even more carbs). I have just starting not to have the afternoon and late evening sugar cravings, that my body was giving me, as it was so used to being stocked up with carbs. I see now that carbs were leading me down a path to type 2 diabetes.

As it has rained for most of the week I didn’t get any structured exercise and very little incidental exercise either. I wasn’t going to park my car far away from work and have to run in the rain. I really feel that even the smallest amount of exercise every day makes a difference to your weight loss.

We have also had floods and were without power all weekend. I could do my weigh in on Friday but couldn’t upload this post without power. So how much did I lose? Well 0.8kg. Which is still a loss and a loss is a loss, right? So this week I aim to pick myself back up and get back on the horse. I say this as I take a big sniff of Peppermint oil to give me the pick up I need.

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