90 Day Healthy Cells Challenge

Did you know that your red blood cells die and replace themselves every 90 days?

A healthy body is determined by the health of each of its cells. All disease originates at the cellular level and not at the organ or system level. Healthy cells create healthy tissues. Healthy tissues create healthy organs, like the heart and lungs. Healthy organs create healthy systems, like the endocrine system and the immune system, and healthy systems make up a healthy body.

The new cell generations are completely dependent on the building materials you fed the previous cells before it, whether they were toxins or nutrients. If the previous cells were bathing in poisons from toxic foods, toxic beverages, toxic air, toxic drugs, toxic emotions, etc., the next cell generation will be weaker than before. On the other hand, if the previous cells were bathing in full-spectrum nutrients and high oxygen saturation, the next cell generation will be stronger than before. It will be in regenerative state rather than a degenerative state.

90 Day healthy cell challenge

Feed your cells with Ningxia Red (Both fat soluble and water soluble Antioxidant drink) and Longevity (fat soluble antioxidant supplement) for 90 days as part of our 90 day Healthy Cell Challenge and feel the difference. Be at the top of your game to achieve your dream.

To start the challenge simply:

Set up a wholesale account by purchasing our Basic Starter Kit for just $35

Order a Two Pack of Ningxia Red cost $87.75 and a bottle of Longevity (contains 30 softgels) for $51.25 and you are ready to start on your first 30 days of the Healthy Cells Challenge. Keep this up for 90 days and you will notice the difference in your energy levels and overall vitality.

Ningxia Red – Infused with the power of Lemon and Orange essential oils, NingXia Red® is a nutritious gojiberry drink that energises, fortifies and replenishes the body. Along with gojiberries, nature’s most powerful superfruit, NingXia Red combines five other nutrient-dense fruits like blueberries, raspberries, and pomegranates to provide energy and an array of health-promoting antioxidants. ESSENTIAL OILS: Lemon, Orange, Yuzu, Tangerine

Longevity™ is a potent blend of fat-soluble antioxidants that can be taken daily to protect cells and tissues from the damaging effects of free radicals. ESSENTIAL OILS: Clove, Frankincense, Orange, Thyme

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