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young living ember diffuser

Let me introduce you to the most ethical diffuser on the planet. The Young Living Ember Diffuser is made with beautiful terracotta clay and sustainable rubberwood. Young Living’s exclusive Ember Diffuser adds a sleek, natural design accent to any home. Reminiscent of a glowing ember, the diffuser’s namesake light ring joins the charcoal-grey clay cover and wood base. With its compact, space-saving design, this diffuser brings design-forward elegance and pure aromatherapy to your space

The Young Living Ember Diffuser’s cover is carefully crafted from natural terracotta clay, sourced from the Yunnan Province of China. This porous clay is then molded, hand refined and baked into its sleek design by terracotta artisans. The base is constructed from a sustainable rubberwood cultivated in Thailand. This environmentally friendly wood is a true hardwood and is known for its strong, flexible properties. Between these two natural materials is a luminous, glowing ring of light with eight different light options to help set the mood with your favourite essential oil diffuser blends. The Ember’s sleek and natural design pairs with its versatile lighting and efficient diffusion to immediately elevate the ambiance of your home or office.

See how the Young Living Ember Diffuser is made

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The Young Living Ember Diffuser comes with free 5-ml bottles of Citrus Fresh and Peppermint essential oils.

Features & Benefits of the Young Living Ember Diffuser

  • High diffusion mode can diffuse up to 3.5 hours.
  • Intermittent mode can diffuse up to 7 hours.
  • Has eight colour options that can run independent of diffuser function.
  • Features a terracotta cover and rubberwood base made of natural materials.
  • Compact, space-saving size is ideal for tabletops and offices.
  • Subtle lighting feature makes it a perfect addition for your bedroom at night.
  • Coverage area of a medium-sized room, approximately 35 square metres (375 square feet).
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Fill the reservoir with water and add 5–10 drops of essential oil. Select diffusion and light modes and enjoy.


For safety and care information, refer to the Ember Diffuser Operation Manual.

What is the Ember Diffuser made from?

Young Living Ember Diffuser

The Young Living Ember Diffuser’s sleek terracotta cover is sourced from the Yunnan Province of China, where artisans have taken advantage of this material’s thick, pliable texture to create pottery, sculptures and other artwork for centuries. Before the widespread use of clay kilns, ancient pieces of terra-cotta were left to harden in the hot sun and then baked in the embers of an open fire, which was part of the inspiration for the Ember’s name and style. The Ember’s terracotta cover is molded, hand refined and baked in a kiln at 679 °C (1,255 °F) for 10 hours and then set to cool for 14 hours. 

The sustainable rubberwood base is cultivated in Thailand from Pará rubber trees. Part of what makes these particular trees so sustainable is that they are harvested only after being tapped for rubber production for 20-25 years. Once the trees have fully matured and the rubber is dried up, they are then used to create high-quality hardwood products—most commonly furniture and home goods like the Ember Diffuser. Once the trees are harvested, new rubber trees are planted in their place, continuing the cycle. The combination of terracotta, eco-friendly rubberwood and Young Living sustainably sourced essential oils makes the Ember one of the most eco-friendly diffuser options ever made.

Technical Information

Capacity:100 ml
Weight:454 g
Dimensions:9.4 cm x 16 cm
Room coverage:35 square metres

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