4 Tips to Survive Back to School! By Sarah Farrer

Back to school

After a long summer break, children are heading back to school for the start of a new academic year. For many parents, this can be a relief as it marks the end of trying to keep children entertained and engaged for weeks on end.

Going back to school means returning to the structure and routine of their day-to-day lives, including getting up early, attending classes, studying, and completing homework assignments.

As many of you know every child is unique, amazing and special! We are all snowflakes, as I’ve learnt and an idea that works for one child may not necessarily be the same for the other child.

As school and/or preschool heads back here are some of my personal tips I have discovered that works well for my 3 boys.

Back to School Tip One:

I love Young Living Essential Oils, there’s an oil for everyone and anyone.

Thieves, thieves, thieves up baby!

Children are great at sharing!! Whether we like it or not they are going to come in contact with dirt, snot and other yucky stuff simply from being around other kids in the classroom and playground.

Every morning before we leave for the day, we put Thieves essential oil blend! On the bottom of our feet, a few drops.

One of my boys who loves to be active requires his thieves to be massaged into his feet deeply. This gives him a soothing outlet, calms and relaxes him for the next step.

Back to School Tip Two:

Being consistent is the key. This can be as simple as same bed times, routines and letting your child know the teachers will look after them until you come back after school to pick them up.

I consistently use StressAway essential oil blend as it is Mums best friend. It helps to alleviate any butterflies in the tummy!

Not to mention STRESS AWAY on back of neck and wrists for Mummy, Daddy and children even next door neighbours. AHHHH CALM!

Back to School Tip Three:

Goodnight! It’s time to relax and unwind before bed. If you are tired you easily get your buttons pushed, feel jumpy or in the end just plain cranky!

Like I mentioned before everyone is a snowflake so for my 2 boys this routine is quite different.

Master 1:

Lavender, lavender, lavender just have to say the word and he begins to relax and float into sweet dreams. On the bottom of his feet and a gentle rub along his back.

You can learn more about using essential oils topically with children here.

Master 2:

He’s a lucky dip type of boy. More often than not it’s either Peace and Calming or Cedarwood.

I let him choose the colour and this gives him control and secretly he knows how he feels more than anyone else!

When we use the night time routine with him however, its an all over bath of deep pressure massage from head to toe. At the beginning he is jumpy, overactive and cannot sit still. By the end he gives you a cuddle and says “I love you.”

(Sneaky Tip: Place a drop of your child’s favourite calming oil on their sheets for daycare, this helps to soothe the senses.)

Back to school

Back to School Last and Final Tip:

Do what works for you! Write down what oils you used and what happens, then you have a record of what works and what doesn’t for you and your family!

You may well and truly be surprised in what you find when you look back in THYME!

If you would like to hear more ‘back to school’ tips plus ideas on using essential oils with children join us for our free online video workshop. Click the link to watch it here.

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