Top 5 Ways to Use Grounding Essential Oil Blend

grounding essential oil blend from young living

Need a little Grounding Essential Oil to hold you down?

Gary Young, the Founder of Young Living, made this essential oil blend to help people who were going through a loss such as divorce or even the loss of a child. Often the people he was seeing in his clinic felt physically stuck and not able to move on, some had even checked out from life. So Gary made the Grounding essential oil blend to hold these people emotionally, until they are ready to grieve and deal with the loss they have experienced.

Gary also used to use it to help people with anger issues to overcome the intense feelings that were brewing inside them.

What is in Grounding Essential Oil?

Juniper – used by the Native American peoples for grounding and anchoring

Angelica – is a root that grows in the earth. It’s earthy, woody and musky aroma is very grounding.

Ylang Ylang – is the balancing oil and great for the heart chakra

Cedarwood – this is a great essential oil for the brain

Pine and Northern Lights Black Spruce – are both tall trees with big, long roots going deep into the ground to give the trees stability.

White Fir – for chi (life force) to support help our core.

How to use Grounding Essential Oil?

I personally love to use Ground Essential Oil when I feel out of balance or during mediation if I find my mind is wandering a lot. I take a drop in my palm, energise it by rubbing my palms together 3 times in a clockwise circular motion and then inhaling the Grounding essential oil blend. I imagine that there are roots coming out the bottom of my feet that are pulling me down, down, down into the ground. They are holding me tightly to Mother Earth and keeping my attachment to the ground strong.

You can learn more about how I incorporate essential oils into my meditation and yoga practice here.

Grounding™ is a balancing blend of scents used for feelings of clarity or to enhance spirituality. Emotional chaos can lead to bad decisions – use Grounding to help you cope with reality in a positive manner. This wonderful essential oil blend is relaxing, stabilising, and calming, and may help with restlessness or during times of chaos. Combine with Clarity or Brain Power essential oil blends to help improve focus.

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