What is Layering Essential Oils?

layering essential oils

Layering Essential Oils

Another way to use essential oils topically is called layering essential oils. This technique is traditionally done by applying neat essential oils over the top of each other.

Layering is not blending – where you mix the essential oils together and then apply them.

Blending essential oils and even blends together can actually change the chemical structure, the frequency and even the intention of the essential oils. It even makes a difference as to how you combine them. For example the order you add them blend them together can make a difference.

Layering essential oils allows the body to experience each essential oil at a time and interact and do what it needs at that point in time.

It doesn’t matter which order you put them on in as each essential oil has time to do what it needs to do.

Essential oils can get into your blood stream pretty quickly so you only need to wait around 30 seconds before layering the next essential oil on. This gives your body time to respond to the essential oil or blend you have just applied before it receives the next one.

Some essential oils complement others. If at all possible, be sure to obtain an essential oil guide that will help you understand which oil complements which oil. For instance, after a regular workout, rubbing a drop of lavender essential oil on the legs and then following it up with PanAway essential oil blend is soothing and calming. The two oils complement each other very nicely. 

The Raindrop Technique also uses layering essential oils which complement each other as the method for delivery. You apply a single essential oil, feather that into the body, use a particular massage technique aligned with that essential oil and then move onto the next. The body gets the physical benefits of each essential oil individually between applications.

Want more Valor, Joy, Harmony and Protection in your life?

Another great use of Layering Essential Oils is Gary Young’s Great Day protocol. This protocol works on our emotional body.

This is a protocol where we apply Valor essential oil blend, Harmony essential oil blend, Joy essential oil blend and then White Angelica essential oil blend. These essential oil blends are layered on, one after the other.

Check out the video below to learn more about layering essential oils as part of the Great Day Protocol.

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