Kunzea Essential Oil

kunzea essential oil

My Oil of the Month for February is – Kunzea Essential Oil

Pronounced Koon-Zee-Uh, Kunzea essential oil is relatively new to Young Living. But, Kunzea isn’t new to the local Aboriginal people on Flinders Island and the North East of Tasmania where the plant grows wild. They have been using this plant for literally thousands of years.

The history of Kunzea

The Kunzea plant is commonly referred to as ‘White Cloud’ because of its pretty white flowers. Interestingly, a farmer first distilled Kunzea in the north east of Tasmania. He’d noticed how his fences didn’t rust in the spots where the Kunzea bushes were growing. In contrast, other fences of the same age, not growing next to the Kunzea plants were severely rusted.

This got him thinking and consequently he distilled the leaves and branchlets of the bush for the production of the essential oil. Eventually, the farmer tried out the Kunzea essential oil on himself and his family to see what it did. The results were amazing. After harvesting Kunzea plants from different parts of his farm, he found variations in the essential oil that was produced. He soon identified which plants had ‘the good oil’.

Uses of Kunzea Essential Oil

The Kunzea essential oil that Young Living sells (get yours here), comes from a Certified Seed to Seal Farm on Flinders Island. You can use it for physical issues as well as releasing deep emotional issues. It has comparable properties and uses to Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) essential oil. But, it offers a more pleasant aroma and milder sensation when applied topically.
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Kunzea contains high levels of the naturally-occurring constituents alpha-pinene and eucalyptol, also known as 1,8 cineole. That’s the major constituent found in Eucalyptus oil. For that reason Kunzea makes a great alternative to Eucalyptus and you can use it in much the same way. For example, it’s particularly good to diffuse over the cold, winter months.

What’s more, you can greatly improve angry, red skin on teenagers by the application of this remarkable oil. In this case, you should dilute the essential oil. You can also diffuse it throughout your home for a relaxing, woodsy aroma and help to create an uplifting environment.

You can even add it to the V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex and use it for massage after workouts to help soothe fatigued muscles. Best of all, you can receive a free Kunzea essential oil this month by placing a 320pv order with Young Living.

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Great Outdoor Spray Recipe

15 drops Citronella essential oil
4 drops Peppermint essential oil
5 drops Purification essential oil blend
10 drops Kunzea essential oil 
8 drops Lavender essential oil
5 drops Rosemary essential oil
4 drops Lemongrass essential oil
210mls witch hazel (preferably alcohol free)

Simply combine the essential oils with the witch hazel in a 240ml Glass or Metal Spray bottle .
Finally, shake well before use.

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