5 Simple DIY Diffuser Bombs – Recipes

DIY Diffuser bombs recipe

What are DIY diffuser bombs you ask? They are where you make up your favourite diffuser recipes in bulk and keep them in a bottle beside your diffuser so they are easily ready to add when you fill up your diffuser. 

I was finding I wasn’t being very creative with the blends I was adding to the diffuser as I was time poor. I would see recipes for diffusing online, try it out once and then get too lazy to do it again. Plus a million different oils sitting around my diffuser looked messy. So these DIY Diffuser bombs made my life easier and my house smell amazing.

Thanks to the Lifesteps app for the idea.

DIY Diffuser Bombs:

* Use Empty 30mL Clear Glass Bottles with droppers – you can find these in my shop. The dropper on the top makes it easy to add a drop at a time or a few drops. The lid closes to keep liquids from leaking. 

* Add your oils from your favourite blends. You’ll be able to divide the amount by 2 or 3 depending on your bottle size. 30mL bottles can hold almost 600 drops.

* Before use, give the DIY Diffuser Bombs bottle a slight shake and then add 8-10 drops to your diffuser.

Favourite Blends to Try in your DIY Diffuser Bombs…

Urban Home:

The Happy Hippie:

Christmas Wonderland:

Cocktails on the beach:

Twisted Peppermint:

For more great diffuser recipes check out my blog post Summer Diffuser Blends.

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