100+ ways to use an essential oil

Young Living Essential Oil Desert Mist PSK

Have you been thinking about getting started using essential oils? Maybe you have been looking at buying a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living but you are just not sure if you would use everything that’s in it? You may have bought things like this before and didn’t get your money’s worth. Or maybe you already have some essential oil’s at home. Let me assure you it’s totally worth it.
This kit really is my first aid kit. My family’s wellness toolbox. So Here’s my top 136 ways to get the most out of your kit.

Peppermint Essential Oil

1. Add several drops to your favourite brownie mix.

2. Add several drops to some chocolate and coconut oil to make peppermint bark.

3. Add 1 drop to your water to keep you away from chocolate ?

4. Add a couple drops to your mop bucket- puts a pep in your step and actually makes me want to clean!

5. Make a spray freshen your breath!

6. Take a whiff to increase alertness.

7. Place 1 drop in the toilet before you do a number two.

8. Inhale deeply before exercise or a big race.

9. Deeply inhale from the bottle when head and neck tension are present.

10. Rub up and down spine to help when you are hot.

11. Inhale from bottle when you travel in cars and boats or even roller coasters

12. Add one-two drops to water and drink ½ hour before yard work or exercise for stamina.

13. Add to diffuser with a couple of ice cubes to help cool down a room!

14. Add one drop to coffee or Baileys Irish Cream

15. Put a few drops and some water in a spray bottle and spritz on in the hot weather to keep from overheating

16. Put a drop on a cotton ball in your linen closet (or any closet) to keep it smelling fresh!

Lemon Essential Oilimg 0998 - 100+ ways to use an essential oil - young living

17. Add a drop or two to a cup of water of water each morning to get you going.

18. Diffuse with Lavender & Peppermint when the seasons are changing.

19. Put 1 to 2 drops neat onto something that is sticky-it helps get the goo off!

20. Add drops to butter and drizzle for an amazing fish or chicken dish!

21. Use a few drops on a cloth to get child graffiti off of the walls.

22. Remove ink from fabric by applying oil and running the item through the washer.

23. Use to remove bluetak or plasticine that has gone hard

24. Inhale from the bottle to help keep you alert when studying

25. Dilute and rub behind the ears to help when landing or taking on a flight

26. Lemon for removing gum in kiddos hair!

27. Add a few drops to avocado to make guacamole

28. Mix a couple drops in your olive oil for an infused flavour

29. Add to chickpeas, garlic and tahini for an awesome hummus

30. Add a few drops to bicarb soda for a homemade soft scrub to use on sinks and tubs

31. Add a drop or two to your laundry soap to make your laundry come out smelling fresher

32. Add a drop or two to your wool dryer balls for fresher smelling clothes!

Lavender Essential Oil

33. Use on lil ones after ouchies.

34. Rub into your scalp to promote hair health.

35. Add one drop to a new tube of mascara to help grow lush lashes. Also stretches the life of the mascara!

36. Rub onto skin after a day in the sun to help soothe.

37. Apply to big toes nightly (using vita flex chart) to help assist with sleep.

38. Apply to the back of your neck when you’re crossing time zones along with Cedarwood.

39. Add to some coconut oil for a boo-boo cream ready to go.

40. Keep a bottle in the kitchen near the stove just in case.

41. Add a drop to Earl Grey tea, or to a latte.

42. Diffuse for a great night’s sleep.

43. Rub onto kids’ feet with a drop of carrier oil to help promote deep sleep

44. Make lavender lemonade

46. Add to warm Almond Milk with Cinnamon and a little honey to drink before bed.

Copaiba Essential Oil

46. Massage in to joints

47. Diffuse when you are worried or feel anxious

48. Add to any other oil to intensify its effects.

49. Rub a drop on jawline to calm a teething baby.

50. Add to your conditioner for healthy looking hair

51. Apply with lavender and frankincense to soothe unhappy skin

52. Apply over any bumps that inevitably pop up on school photo day.

53. Add to Pamaway to massage tired muscles

54. Add 1-2 drops to magnesium in the bath

55. Rub 1 drop around eyes to help tighten skin

56. Add extra drop to Stress Away for added effect

57. Diffuse with lavender or Stress Away for sleep support

58. Google uses Copaiba for some extra good ideas that I can’t tell you about here

Panaway Essential Oil

59. Use on fatigued muscles (combines well with copaiba and peppermint).

60. Rub on joints

61. Rub over lower abdomen during that one week of the month ?. Top with Copaiba to intensify the effect!

62. Throw a fitment on it and rub on back of neck.

63. Use with fitment to rub on temples for occasional head tension

64. Combine with copaiba and carrier oil to rub on growing kiddos legs

65. Add to Epsom salt for a soothing detox bath.

66. Mix with Copaiba, Frankincense, Peppermint and coconut oil to make a muscle rub.

67. Have your massage therapist to rub it into your muscles

68. Melt down some coconut oil, let it cool and add 10-15 drops of Panaway (amount depends on size of container) to make a muscle rub (can add peppermint too!)

Frankincense Essential Oil

69. Put in your facial lotion and prepare to look like an angel!

70. Sniff from bottle to ground yourself when feeling overwhelmed or unsure.

71. Apply to the spine for a happier, healthier you

72. Diffuse during Bible study, prayer, or just alone time to think.

73. Apply over any joints.

74. Add one drop to your yoga mat

75. Apply neat to unhappy skin daily

76. Apply neet to underside of jaw and neck to uplift skin.

77. Apply 1 drop to the crown of your head before meditation.

78. Apply over chest and/or diffuse before bedtime

79. Diluted frankincense dabbed under the eyes to depuff and look awake and rested

80. Mix with Stress Away and Lavender in a 10 ml roller top with carrier oil for a “calm mum” blend.

81. Mix with lemon + lavender (1:1:1) for a magic line & dark circle eraser

82. Use to calm worried pets

83. Mix with raw sugar and cold pressed coconut oil for a fast, amazing sugar scrub to use in your nightly bathing routine. Makes an awesome gift too, and leaves skin so soft and smooth.

Purification Essential Oil

84. Add to your diffuser to make your kitchen feel cleaner than it is lol.

85. Put a few drops on cotton balls and leave overnight in stinky shoes and in the bottoms of garbage bins.

86. Put a drop on the inside of toilet paper roll in your bathroom for a fresh scent every time the roll spins!!

87. Add to a spray bottle with some witch hazel and distilled water for a great outdoors spray

88. Add to your diffuser along with Peppermint to uplift you when you’re feeling tired.

89. Diffuse to knock down cooking odours after dinner.

90. Add a couple of drops to wool dryer balls for fresh laundry.

91. Mix with bicarb soda and water to make a killer tub scrub.

92. Make a DIY room freshener spray

93. Mix 8 drops in ½-1 cup of bicarb soda, sprinkle on carpets. Let sit 10 mins and vacuum for refreshed carpet.

94. Add a drop or two to your wool dryer balls for fresher smelling clothes!

Stress Away Essential Oil

95. Diffuse for the feeling of being on holiday without having to leave home

96. Rub a drop on each shoulder when you’ve been at the computer too long.

97. Pop that roller cap in it that came with your kit, and roll it on. Often. Like, keep it in our pocket, ha!

98. Keep in your car for those days you want to run someone off the road.

99. Roll this on your wrists right when you wake up-helps to keep that positive attitude up!

100. Combine with Lavender on your wrists to relax when the deadlines are looming.

101. Bathe in it – add a few drops to epsom salt for dreamy bath.

102. Diffuse during sleep for a restful night.

103. Rub on dogs fur to relieve stress from thunder, fireworks, trip to vet, etc.

104. Rub on wrists or behind ears for a perfume.

105. Diffuse in the car when picking up children from school

106. Diffuse or rub on back of neck at night to help with sleep

107. Make a roller with stress away and lavender plus carrier oil and keep in your handbag for when visiting family.

Thieves Essential Oil

108. Diffuse during the winter months

109. Diffuse during Spring

110. Diffuse during Autumn

111. Ok Diffuse during summer too so your house smells like chai

112. Clean with it – check out Thieves Household cleaner will change your life!

113. Keep a bottle or even an empty in the kitchen to sniff while cutting onions! Helps to keep you from tearing so much!

114. Mix with Witch Hazel and water to a make a room spray

115. Add to bicarb soda, citric acid and washing soda to make dishwasher powder. The recipe is in my natural cleaning ebook www.hotoilymumma.com then go to the free stuff page to get a copy.

DiGize Essential Oil

116. Add to coconut oil and rub on belly before going fishing, sailing, flying or driving if you know what I mean

117. Rub in a circle around belly button after a big meal

118. Take it when you go to Bali, Thailand and India.

119. Dilute and massage on feet if you don’t like the smell.

120. Add to a roller bottle with peppermint for a happy tummy.

R.C. Essential Oil

121. Add one drop to each corner of your shower to help open airways.

122. Make a DIY chest rub with peppermint oil, lemon oil and coconut oil.

123. Use topically on your chest prior to exercising.

124. Heat water, add two drops to the bowl of hot water put your face over the bowl with a towel on your head for a clearing effect.

Thieves Hand Sanitiser

125. Pop in your handbag to use if public toilets don’t have soap

126. Use after you have touched the trolley at the supermarket

127. Put a drop under your arms if your deodorant is not cutting it.

128. Use after touching anything unsavoury like the finger print scanner when you enter the USA

NingXia Red

129. Add to Zyng for a refreshing pick me up or alone for the same

130. Add to water with ½ teaspoon of Sulfurzyme…tastes great.

131. I love adding It to soda water for a sparkly drink

132. Drink more over the winter months to stay healthy.

133. Drink daily as an antioxidant, vitamin and mineral rich maintenance dose.

134. Add to any smoothie for a nutritional boost — bonus: freeze leftovers into popsicles for your kids.

135. Add to vodka so you can dance the night away

136. Pop sachets in the freezer and then cut the tops off for easy popsicles.

Have I forgotten any of your favourites? If so let me know in the comments. ?

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