Make your own Massage Bar

I have found the best thing for tired muscles. It’s like a mini massager. It is a DIY Massage Bar. I keep it in the fridge and get it out when I need it. I made 6 of them so I can even give some to my friends.

Here is the recipe to make your own DIY Massage Bar:⠀



  • Line the bottom of a mould with black beans. I used a 6 hole silicon muffin mould.⠀
  • Melt cocoa butter and Shea butter over low heat. ⠀
  • Add in V6 carrier oil and essential oils and mix.⠀
  • Pour liquid over the black beans. ⠀
  • Pop mould into fridge to set. ⠀
  • I leave the massage bars in the fridge until I need to rub it on to my muscles. It is cooling and the beans are like tiny little fingers massaging my muscles. ⠀

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