Easy Natural Oven Cleaner

natural oven cleaner

Have you been looking for an Easy and Natural Oven Cleaner? I know I was. I hated wearing thick rubber gloves or eye protection to clean my oven like it directs on the can of supermarket bought oven cleaners. That stuff is seriously toxic. Think I’m being melodramatic? Google the Material Safety Data sheets for the oven cleaner you have under your sink or in your cupboard and see what it says. They all contain nasty chemicals that mess with your respiratory system, burn your skin and stuff up your hormones over time too. Read more about how our cleaning products are killing us here. Not to mention you can taste it in the food you cook in your oven for weeks after you have used it. Am I right?⠀⠀

And if you aren’t meant to dispose of the oven cleaner cans by just throwing them in your garbage bin, do you really want them in your house? The fact that the EPA classifies oven cleaners, drain cleaners, wood and metal cleaners, polishes, toilet cleaners, tile tub and shower cleaners, and laundry bleach as hazardous waste is one reason you should eliminate them from your home. 

I make my own All Natural Oven Cleaner. Sure like my Grandma used to say you need to use a bit more elbow grease when scrubbing it (not too much though) but I know that I’m not slowly poisoning myself or my family either. Using a natural oven cleaner is a no brainer for me.

My natural oven cleaner contains all natural ingredients including Young Living’s Thieves® Household Cleaner (a plant based cleaner with essential oils like clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary and the king of cleaning oils – lemon), bicarb soda – this is the kicker as it helps break down grease as it foams up and then acts as a scrubbing agent. Plus it is super easy to use and make. Best of all there I don’t have to wear gloves or a mask with my natural oven cleaner.

Natural Oven Cleaner – made with Thieves Household Cleaner



Mix all the ingredients together till it is paste consistency.

Then wipe over the bottom, sides and top of your oven with the natural oven cleaner.

You can even paint the natural oven cleaner onto the oven racks or spray undiluted Thieves Household Cleaner on them.

Leave for 45 minutes or overnight.

You will need to use a little bit of elbow grease to scrub the oven and oven racks with a scourer and then wipe down with a sponge to remove all the remaining residue with a clean, damp sponge.⠀⠀

That’s it. Easy Peasy. ⠀⠀

Let’s save the planet and our health at the same time. and then use some elbow grease to clean your oven.

natural oven cleaner

Is it time to clean the BBQ?

You can even use any left over oven paste for cleaning the BBQ. Or try this recipe.

BBQ Cleaner


1/4 cup bicarb

½ Tbs Thieves dish soap

7 drops Young Living lemon essential oil

White Vinegar


Combine bicarb, Thieves dish soap, lemon essential oil and enough white vinegar to make it runny like olive oil.

Brush onto the BBQ girl and let sit for 15 minutes. Scrub with a damp brush. Clean off with water.

oven racks - Easy Natural Oven Cleaner - young living
With Thieves Household Cleaner and a bit of elbow grease your oven racks could look like this too.

Wanting More Natural Cleaning Recipes?

I actually have a whole book of natural cleaning recipes that I give out for free as an ebook. I want people to start using natural products rather than the toxic crap that most supermarkets sell us. Grab a copy of my Ultimate Green Cleaning Guide here.

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