All Natural Bubble Bath

Is there such a thing as natural bubble bath?

These days we all know about the importance of self care but self care should not come at a price for either our wallet or our health right? One of my favourite self care activities is having a bath. I used to love filling it with bubbles and soaking away for hours. That was until I learnt how bad the ingredients in bubble bath products are. They actually dry out our skin and can even cause urinary tract infections. Definitely not something I want for me or my two girls.

Now I’ve tried buying and making natural bubble bath before but you don’t seem to get many bubbles. I started experimenting for a kids school holiday workshop I was running and finally I came up with a recipe I love. Not only are there bubbles but there are no nasty ingredients that mess with our hormones like phthalates and parabens (methyl, ethyl, propylparaben) which are often hidden in the term fragrance on the ingredients label. I avoid any product with fragrance listed as an ingredient – no transparency in labelling – no sale.

So what’s in my favourite natural bath bath recipe?

  • 100mls virgin coconut oil (in a liquid state)
  • 100mls distilled water – I use this so the bubble bath lasts longer than just using tap water
  • 1 tsp bicarb soda – aluminium free


  • Put all ingredients in a glass jug and mix well.
  • Store in an empty Thieves dish soap container so you san easily squirt the mixture in to your bath tub.
  • Shake before using.
  • Pour ⅓–1 cup of bubble bath in the running water. More bubble bath liquid results in bigger, foamier bubbles!

I even made up cute labels for your bottles. There are two to choose from and you can download them for free below. I print these on Avery labels L7109 and make sure when you go to print them you print at 100% (not the 97% that most printers are set to print at) otherwise the images won’t line up in the labels.

If you want another great recipe you can make with your children then check out my all natural slime recipe which we also made at the Kids School Holiday Workshop.

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