1 - Perfume and Potions - young living

Thank you for purchasing my Perfumes and Potions Book

To print the ebook as a hard copy booklet please follow these instructions:

1. Download the book to your own computer by clicking the link in the email you received. If you didn’t receive an email then try checking your spam or junk email box. You can also click the link Perfumes and Potions Book. If you still can’t get it please contact us through this website or via our Hot Oily Mumma Facebook page.

2. Once it is downloaded click print.

3. Select Layout (as shown in the image below)

Screen Shot 2019 10 07 at 10.45.14 am - Perfume and Potions - young living

4. Then under Two-Sided click booklet (as shown in the image below)


Untitled design 3 - Perfume and Potions - young living

5. You may want to play around with the scale which is back on preview to get the print close to the edge of the page but this is optional. Each printer is different so for mine it was 140%

6. Then click print.

Bonus 1: Perfume Class Costing

To download the FREE excel spreadsheet to help you work out the cost of the perfumes click Perfume Class Costings.

If you have any trouble please contact me through this website or my Hot Oily Mumma Facebook page. 

Happy Perfume Making!!!

Bonus 2: Recipe for 'Donne' Perfume

I created this very special perfume for the beautiful Donne Cuzzola. As an extra bonus to all those who purchased my ebook I’m sharing this recipe with you.

Donne - Perfume and Potions - young living