4 Ways To Make This Your BEST YEAR Ever (seriously!)

best year ever

Okay, let’s be honest here – this last year was NOT my best year ever. Not by a LONG way! How about you? Uh huh… I hear you! So the question is – the calendar clicks over and we’re all ready for a fresh start – but how DO you make this year better than the last (few)?

The last couple of years have been a massive learning experience for me and I’d love to share some of those learnings with you. They say time is the best teacher, but it takes SOOO long to learn. So, here are some lessons I’ve learnt – mostly through painful experience. I hope this will save YOU some pain and effort. This is my gift to you. Enjoy!

Have yourself a very OILY New Year

I use my essential oils at this time of year more than any other (okay, maybe not the middle of winter), but you get the idea. Yes, it’s partly to get through family get togethers and to help with over-indulging, but there is so much more. It’s the time of year when many of us set New Years resolutions and goals for the year to come. Sadly, the research shows that by February most of these are forgotten. Why is that? Do we lack will power or motivation? Are our goals just not that important to us?

Why things aren’t working out the way you want

This year Jeremy and I embarked on some pretty in-depth coaching. Initially it was to help us with our business, but we quickly began to realise that our business only grows as much as we do. So we needed to do the work on ourselves. One of the things we learnt was that we had been doing goal setting all wrong. Sure we had seen the movie the Secret and were focussed on what we wanted to attract more of into our lives. And we no longer focussed on what we didn’t want in case the universe missed hearing the the word “don’t”. We had vision boards covered in pictures of swimming pools, holiday destinations and home improvements. But, we were focussing on what we wanted to have or do.

We were stuck in the comparison trap. Comparing our lives, home, family, business and what we had with others around us, particularly on social media. When you focus on goals into the future all you can see is the GAP between where you are and where you want to be. Sometimes it’s a big friggin’ ravine and it feels like you will NEVER get over it. This is a huge reason people give up on their goals. They can’t face looking at the ravine everyday and feeling bad if they haven’t made any progress.

YOU are the magnet

But the thing with the Law of Attraction that the movie doesn’t really cover is that YOU are like a magnet and you will attract things into your life that are vibrating at the same frequency or energy level you are.

If you have low belief in yourself, your future, your work/business or are generally feeling low about anything then it is harder to attract good things into your life. This can then begin a cycle of doubt and attracting more negatives than positives. I’m sure we all have that friend who seems to have continual bad luck no matter how many positive affirmations they post on social media.

So how can we do things differently?

Here are my Top 4 Tips to making this your best year ever:

Tip 1 – Reflect on how far you have come

So my first tip is to find a space where you can sit and think. Take a drop of your favourite essential oil (I love to use Envision essential oil to do this) and energise it in your palm by rubbing your palms together in a clockwise motion 3 times. Then inhale the essential oil deeply with your eyes closed. You could also diffuse the oil if you would like. Now reflect on just how far you have come, whether it is in the last year or even the last few years. What have you achieved? No matter how small write it down. What were the good things that happened to you? Focus on what you have gained whether physically, emotionally, spiritually or even what you have learnt this past year. Write it all down and then take stock of what you have written.

Tip 2 – Change the way you set your goals

Every year I create a vision for my life and who I want to become. The biggest thing I have changed this year is the way I set goals.

My old vision boards used to focus on what I want to have in my life or do with my life (pools, holidays, home renovation etc) so I will be or feel …. (happier, less stressed, skinnier etc).

This is the Have – Do – Be way of thinking.

Instead, I’ve changed it around. I still think about what I would  like, but my goals are now about the kind of person I want or need to be … (more present for my kids, happier, less stressed, healthier etc) so that I can do the things I need to do and have the good things in my life (eg the pool, holidays, home improvements)

I ask myself what kind of person I need to be in order to have all the things that I want to attract into my life? Being that kind of person and living my life in those ways has become my new vision. This also helps me to work out what I need to do (the action steps) required.

This is the Be – Do – Have way of thinking.

The trick is – if you want to have your best year ever, work on becoming your best you!

Tip 3 – Use your oils

Oils only work if you use them. They won’t work if you leave them on the shelf or in a box. Essential oils are great to use when goal setting and are amazing at raising our frequency or energy levels. Gary Young made a series of blends that are perfect for this time of year including:

Believe – If you lack belief in yourself or anything else for that matter.

Motivation – If you find it difficult to get motivated to achieve your goals or do the actions that are required.

Envision – If you have difficulty seeing your future or thinking of goals for yourself.

Abundance – if you want to attract more of something into your life (tip – be specific though. I once used Abundance for 30 days and received an abundance of rain in the form of floods).

Gratitude – feeling grateful for what you have is a great way to raise your frequency and bring more things into your life.

Awaken – if you need help visualising yourself achieving your goals (or when self doubt or negativity creeps in).

Highest Potential – helps you to stay focused, on track and achieve your highest potential.

Inspiration – if you feel flat and need some inspiration to go out and achieve your goals.

Dream Catcher – for when you need help getting your dreams out of your head and onto paper. Remember a goal not written down is just a wish so get it down on paper with a date and some action steps to go with it.

* For more info on all of these oils and more, check out my HotOilyMumma Youtube channel here.

Tip 4 – Make a plan for how you are going to achieve your goals and make this your best year ever

You’ve probably heard the saying, “If you fail to plan then you plan to fail”. This is so true!

Even if you start with writing down the first step you’re going to take in order to achieve your goals, you’ll be one step closer than you were before.

I even have a freebie for all of you which you can download that helps you to plan out your goals. It’s called “Dream Planner – A Goal Setting Playbook“. It is for women who want to go places in their life. I love helping other women to achieve their goals and one of the easiest ways to do this is to help them develop a plan (a roadmap) for how they are going to get there. If you would like a copy for free click here.

Thank you so much for your continued support. Wishing you an awesome 2022. I hope it’s your best year ever – until 2023!!

Lots of love,
Kim xo

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