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WELCOME!!! It’s time to kick off a New Year and our Mindset Makeover.

That’s right… IT’s GO TIME!!!

But, let’s be honest… have you got questions?

How the heck does this thing work?

What will happen?

Will this work for ME?

Is this stuff even FOR me?

Do I REALLY need it?

What IS a ‘mindset makeover’ anyway???

They’re good questions, but put them to one side for a moment and think about this…


What if everything you’re looking for is right here?

What if these 30 days provide a vehicle to take you to the next level, to the place you want to be?

Maybe you’re:

  • Stressed about finances
  • Not able to make payments on time
  • Fighting with your partner about money
  • Not knowing how or even IF things will get better

That’s not living!

Maybe you’re:

  • Frustrated about not hitting that next rank
  • Feeling like you’re moving way too slow
  • Worried because things just aren’t coming together
  • Working your ass off, but STILL not getting anywhere


Albert Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing, over and over, and expecting to get different results.”


Denis Waitley said, “It’s not what you ARE that holds you back, it’s what you think you ARE NOT.”

It’s time for a MINDSET MAKEOVER.

We want you to LIVE LIFE to the FULL.

We want to help you to SUCCEED, not just in business, but in every possible way.

You’re not doing this by yourself… we’re doing this TOGETHER.

So, take a deep breath… and trust in the process.

Today we’re going to start letting go of our negative thinking patterns and embracing a new, fresh way of thinking and being. So, LET’S GO!!!!!


Check out our video at the top of this page.


It’s time to meet Bob! 

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This may sound crazy, but we want you to watch this short video 3 times – yes 3!! Remember the power of repetition.

This message is powerful and inspiring, so let it sink in to your consciousness and more importantly, let it take root in your subconscious mind. Here’s how to get the most out of this:

  • Watch it the first time with your eyes open – take in the words and the images.
  • Listen to it a second time with your eyes closed – hear the passion in Bob’s voice, note the emphasis he puts on each point. 
    Feel the way the music moves you. Let yourself sink into the experience.
  • Now, take out your fave inspirational oil, place a drop on your palm, energise it by rubbing it between your hands clockwise 3 times and then breathe it in deeply. Take three deep breaths.
  • Then listen to the video one more time with your eyes closed. Shut out everything else and let Bob speak directly to you. Feel the positivity wash over you. Let your heart fill with hope and possibility.

Bob Proctor – “What’s Holding You Back?”

After the third time, take out your journal and write whatever you feel – don’t think about it too much, don’t edit it, don’t worry about whether it’s ‘right’…Just blurt it out, writing down any thoughts and feelings that the video stirred in you.


When you’ve watched both of today’s videos, comment below and share ONE thought or idea or statement that stood out to you from the videos and WHY it was significant for you. What was it that grabbed your attention or made you think? Write your response below and then say, “I’M READY TO GROW!!”

Just so we know! 
See you tomorrow!
Kim & Jeremy xo