How The Moon Affects Women’s Hormones and Energy Levels – and what to do about it!

How the moon affects women's hormones - Young lIivng essential oils

Does the moon REALLY affect women’s cycles? And if the moon affects women’s hormones – and that means your moods, behaviour and most importantly your energy level – what can you DO about it? And can you REALLY use certain essential oils to help as you move through the phases of your cycle?

I used to think it had nothing to do with it. I mean really, how could a big ball of light up there in the night sky affect whether I was sad, happy, angry or unmotivated?

But then I got to thinking about how the moon affects the tides everyday. My parents even plant seeds in their garden around the moon cycles and they say it has something to do with the water the moon pulls out of the soil. So, given our own bodies are made up of water, maybe there IS some truth to the idea that the moon affects our monthly cycle, our hormones and our energy levels.

Can the moon really affect your hormones and energy levels?

There are probably a million studies out there by scientists that disprove this too, but I believe our biological blueprint is to ovulate when there is the most light in the night sky – during the full moon. This then leads to us bleeding with the new moon. It is because of things like street lighting, blue light from devices and contraceptives that have interfered with our natural biological body clocks.

Many of you know that I’m not a religious person, but I do think of myself as spiritual and by that I mean I can feel different energies. At times I have been really affected by different planetary energies including the moon’s energy. No, not like howling at the moon or going crazy like some of Jeremy’s students. More like it governs my energy levels and motivation.

Hormone Imbalance

Anyway you are probably wondering where I am going with all this but I feel like I need to tell you the back story before I talk about what I do to bring my body in alignment with the moon cycles, help boost my energy levels and to calm the farm emotionally.

I was on an oestrogen contraceptive for about 15 years. After I stopped getting the depo provera injection it took a while for my period to come back. I also took a while to fall pregnant due to low progesterone from years of not ovulating while on the contraceptives.

My body didn’t seem to have a ‘normal’ cycle, if there is such a thing. This also affected my moods which seemed to be all over the place. I went from feeling flat when I had been on a contraceptive for 15 years to being on a rollercoaster with continual ups and downs once I got back in to a regular cycle. I would go through every emotion during my monthly cycle and felt like a crazy woman at times. That was until I learnt that most women actually have PMS because they aren’t ovulating properly and making the right amount of hormones. Some of this is due to me not ovulating for 15 years while on contraceptives.

Other reasons women don’t ovulate can be because of nutritional deficiencies (not enough good cholesterol), blood sugar imbalances (too many processed carbs), cortisol dysfunction (stress), thyroid issues, gut health and even past trauma. For me is was also due to age as between 35 and 50 years oestrogen drops by 35%. Progesterone and testosterone drop by 75%. Given that progesterone is the feel good hormone which also negatively impacts on our energy levels and our libidos it is no wonder I was feeling crazy.

Aligning your cycle with the moon

After I had children and stopped any form of contraceptive I began to cycle pretty much in sync with the moon. I actually hadn’t even heard of this as a common thing for women to do until I started going to women’s circles and talking to friends. Its funny the things us women don’t know about our own bodies. I wondered how this was possible. Some said it was to do with the amount of moon light we were exposed to at night, which given I don’t shut any curtains at night could be entirely possible.

My emotional roller coaster became easier to recognise. In the first half of my cycle I blamed myself for everything that was going wrong in my life and for the second half my cycle it was everyone else’s fault. So poor Jeremy was copping it for half a month. Apparently, this emotional cycle is common for a lot of women particularly as we get older.

This led me to be more interested in learning more about cycles and particularly about how the moon affects them and us on an emotional level. I also started using essential oils from the Emotional Wellness Essential Rewards bundle to help balance my emotions, along with my trusty favourites Clary Sage, Progessence Phyto Plus and En-R-Gee.

If you don’t cycle in line with the moon use the days of your cycle as a guide for which essential oils to use when. Or if you no longer cycle, use the phases of the moon to guide your essential oil use.

Here is how I am using the moon’s energy and essential oils to work with my cycle to optimise my energy, motivation and my mood.

New Moon – Menstrual stage – Days 1-7

The new moon has historically been associated with menstruation and if you do menstruate on the new moon it is called a white moon. For me this is a time of hibernation. I want to curl up in a ball and watch Netflix. This is the time of the month when our energy is at its lowest.

However it is a great time for setting intentions for your future and tapping into your creativity. Try applying some Joy essential oil blend over your heart and journal about what you would love to do with your life.

This is the time I reach for the Clary Sage or Dragon Time essential oil blend and roll on my lower belly or even apply to the ovary point on my foot – which is just below the outside ankle bone.

I apply the essential oil blend called En-R-Gee or even Nutmeg or Black Pepper essential oils over the top of my adrenals to give me an energy boost if there is something I really have to do at this time of the month.

Waxing Moon – Follicular stage – Days 8-14

During this time in terms of the moon’s cycle, this is usually the time of the month when we can plan, set goals and start new things.

This is when I use the essential oil blend called Valor. It gives me courage to think strategically about what I want to achieve this month. I diffuse it or its great for apply topically before meditating.

This is also the time of the month when I start using Progessence Phyto Plus. I apply a few drops each night to my inner arms and then Endo-Flex essential oil blend on the bottom part of my throat. I can’t believe the difference these essential oil blends made to my motivation and energy levels (even in the bedroom). I know right?

Full Moon – Ovulation stage – Days 14-21

This is the stage historically associated with ovulation. However if you menstruate on the full moon it is known as a red moon.

This is a period of heightened and alert energy. Use this time to release anything which no longer serves you.

I love to use the oil blend called Gratitude to help me to bless and release things which no longer serve me as well as reminding myself of all the things I appreciate in my life. This is also a great time for anyone trying to fall pregnant to use Peace and Calming essential oil blend to ensure they are peaceful and in a calm state.

I continue using Progessence Phyto Plus and Endo-Flex essential oil blends during this phase.

Waning Moon – Luteal stage – Days 22-28

This is a time when I begin to feel the moons energy the most. The moon is pulling away and going in to darkness. It is a time for letting go of things that no longer serve us. It is a time when my body is also preparing for a time of rest.

I like to diffuse Peace and Calming or Stress Away essential oil blends during this stage to help me remember to slow down.

This is also the time when our body is craving extra calories to do what I needs to in the next phase.

I add a few drops of the Slique Essence to my water. It is a much healthier alternative than the chocolate my body usually craves.

I begin to swap the Progessence Phyto Plus and Endo-Flex for Clary Sage or Dragon Time again.

Other tips

Say no to going out in your Luteal Phase and yes to events in your Follicular & Ovulation phases!

During your Luteal phase you may find you don’t want to go out and be with people. So unless it’s a can’t miss event don’t force yourself just because you think you should.

We crave company during our Follicular & Ovulation phases so we are more likely to want to go out and be around people in these phases.

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