Are Essential Oils dangerous for children?

are essential oils dangerous for children

Are essential oils really dangerous for children? Good question! If you believe Facebook and Youtube, then yes, they’re dangerous for kids. However, millions of mums world-wide would totally disagree. Occasionally, my social media feed has exaggerated articles about the ‘dangers of essential oils’ for children. And as an aromatherapist, people often ask me this question. So, what’s the real story? And if you’re using essential oils, how can you ensure your children are healthy and safe?

Essential Oils vs Pharmaceutical Products

In reality, millions of people across the world use essential oils as natural alternatives for a range of different issues. And we very rarely hear of anything major happening to a child caused by essential oils. Essential oils cause much fewer injuries to children compared to injuries from pharmaceutical products and even other natural health products. For example, one-fifth of all cases of unintentional pharmaceutical poisoning occurred in children aged 0–4. A further 3% occurred in children aged 5–14. To clarify, this is higher than overdose rates from other ‘dangerous’ substances such as household chemicals.

When Essential Oils CAN be dangerous for kids

Most of the time, it’s a lack of parental commonsense that injures children, not the essential oils. The reality is – when not used correctly or safely, some essential oils can be dangerous for children. Consider:

  1. Were the essential oils stored out of reach of children? Essential oils are very potent and if swallowed by children in large doses they can be toxic. For example, methyl salicylate is the major component of Wintergreen essential oil. A single teaspoon (5 ml) of methyl salicylate contains approximately 6 g of salicylate. This is equivalent to almost twenty 300 mg aspirin tablets. What’s more, when children swallow essential oils they often cough and this can cause the essential oil to go into their lungs. So always store essential oils out of the reach of your precious little ones.
  2. What quality were the essential oils that were used? Most of the essential oils sold in the world today are synthetic or adulterated. Companies often make essential oils for use as a fragrance, not for health or wellness. Consequently, children are most often injured by the chemicals added to the essential oils. That’s why I only use Young Living essential oils. I’ve been to visit many of their farms and have seen their Seed to Seal processes for myself. I can rest easy at night knowing that I use only Young Living essential oils and products on my two little girls. Their oils are 100% pure and the best essential oils on the market.
  3. Were the essential oils used as described on the label? This includes proper dilution ratios and even any contraindications. You should always dilute essential oils more heavily for use with children. You should avoid certain essential oils if you have specific conditions such as epilepsy, high blood pressure or are on particular medications. Always read the label on the essential oil bottle and only use as directed.

KidScents makes it easy!

Young Living now have a specific line of essential oils just for children called KidScents. They’re already diluted for use with kids aged 2-12 years, which is great. The range includes:

kidscents oils
  1. Refresh – This blend contains essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Myrtle, Ravintsara, Dorado Azul & Pine. It’s great to rub on your child’s chest and the bottoms of their feet during the Winter months.
  2. TummyGize – Is perfect for rubbing on little tummies. It contains Spearmint, Peppermint, Tangerine, Fennel, Anise, Ginger & Cardamom essential oils.
  3. KidCare – My youngest daughter climbs trees, rides a scooter and pretty much falls off everything she rides. This essential oil blend is great for calming her down after she has had a busta. It contains Idaho Balsam Fir, Tea Tree, Helichrysum, Elemi, Cistus, Hinoki and Clove essential oils.
  4. GeneYus – The ultimate homework helper. This is an excellent blend to diffuse for young minds that are focusing and concentrating on school projects.

These KidScents essential oil blends are only available for Young Living members on essential rewards for the month of March. For more information or to order please email me.

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