Diamond Dust is truly a girl’s best friend

diamond dust

We all want to shine, don’t we? That’s why I started mixing the Savvy Minerals Diamond Dust Veil with my mineral foundation. OMG it makes my skin look amazing! You can use it in so many ways. That is why Diamond Dust is truly a girl’s best friend. No nasty ingredients and it makes my skin look soooooo radiant.

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Time to sprinkle a little Diamond Dust!

Ever get sick of seeing airbrushed pictures of 16 year old models promoting ‘anti-ageing’ creams? Me too! The real test is whether these products work on real people. And Diamond Dust definitely does!

Here’s a before-and-after of my beautiful friend, Natalie Russell. Nat makes up her own CC cream. She mixes Diamond Dust with some of her Savvy Minerals powder foundation and then adds in some ART Light Moisturiser to make a CC cream each morning. Great coverage don’t you think? Thanks for sharing, Nat!

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Did you know that the Savvy Minerals Veil is a mineral setting powder that locks in your foundation, concealer, blush, and bronzer. It also absorbs excess oil, blurs fine lines, minimises pores, and as a result completes your look with an airbrushed finish.

Ideal for sensitive skin, this long-lasting veil also keeps your skin looking radiant. Veil is sheer coverage that does some heavy lifting.

Savvy Mineral’s veil has a luminising formula which applies smoothly and easily. So, you can wear Savvy Minerals veil powder on its own for a sheer, no-makeup look or over foundation for a more polished look.

How to use Diamond Dust?

To use this product, simply tap your Savvy Minerals Veil into the cap, then swirl your Veil brush into the setting powder, and tap off any excess. Then apply using circular motions over your face and neck.

Tip: Use your Diamond Dust Veil as a highlight option or to add radiance to your complexion.

But wait there are more ways you can use this amazing product.

Bronze Shimmer Spray DIY Recipe

You can even use Diamond Dust to give your skin a sparkly shimmer coming in to the party season.



  • Add Witch Hazel, Bronzer, Diamond Dust and Stress Away essential oil blend to the spray bottle.
  • Top with Distilled Water.
  • Shake and spray on your body for a shimmery, bronze glow.

Young Living has a Dry Shampoo & Root Lift ALL IN ONE product

Here’s a tip from Melissa Poepping – Young Living Royal Crown Diamond:

“Yes, indeed. DIAMOND DUST is not just a mineral veil to set your makeup and use as a highlight in contouring, BUT you can sprinkle this onto your roots for a dry shampoo to absorb excess oil AND it gives an incredible LIFT for styling.

Not a blonde? No worries…. add your right shade of Multi Tasker to make a custom match.

See, I told you this product can be used in so many ways!”

Get Lash Extensions without the hassle

Do you want fuller, thicker, natural eyelashes without the mess and hassle of 3D Fibres? Then you should definitely check out this short video by Jen O’Sullivan.

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