28 to Elevate Bundle

For the busy woman who wants to minimise the impact of perimenopause, have more energy, and get her life back.

The 28 to Elevate Bundle is built around NingXia Red and Progessence Phyto Plus – two unique and natural products specifically designed to help you enjoy more energy and a smoother journey towards menopause.

The bundle also includes a Hormone Health Meal Plan, Happy Hormones Recipe Bundle, Reset and Improve Your Sleep Plan, access to VIP groups and resources, and huge discounts and bonuses.

$2155 of life-changing value!


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The 28 to Elevate Bundle contains everything you need to begin your 28-day transformation.

Elevate your energy, elevate your mood, minimise the effects of perimenopause and revitalise your life!

The 28 to Elevate Bundle includes:

  • 30 pack of NingXia Red singles ($179 value)
  • 15ml Progessence Phyto Plus ($91 value)
  • Professional Aromatherapy Hormone Consultation ($179 value)
  • Hormone Health Meal Plan ($69 value)
  • Happy Hormones Recipe Bundle ($39 value)
  • Reset and Improve Your Sleep Plan ($29 value)
  • VIP Group Memberships ($399 value)
  • 24% Off Retail Price on Future Purchases ($750 value)
  • Free Products on Essential Rewards ($420 value)

A total of $2155 of value!