Amber glass roller bottles – Perfect – 6 pack

These Amber glass roller bottles are:
  • 10ml Amber – Thick Glass with steel roller
  • 6 pack
  • Perfect to use for making your own diluted roller bottles for your family or to give as gifts.
  • Less than $2 a bottle


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Amber glass roller bottles offer the highest level of protection for your essential oil blends and perfumes.

Sunlight is a leading cause of essential oils oxidising or evaporating. Both visible and invisible (UV) light can negatively impact the quality of most essential oils. Dark blue and green glass offers some protection from visible light, but does little to protect the oils from the most damaging UV rays.

Any type of clear glass will be more prone to allowing sunlight to interact with the essential oils. Frosted glass does little to block visible or UV light sources. Amber coloured glass is the gold standard when it comes to protecting quality essential oils from the effects of sunlight exposure.