Unhappy Skin!

As a teenager I struggled with unhappy skin, especially during “that time of the month”.

My grandma suggested I try an all natural skin care brand which back then was all natural. That was the first time I heard the saying “you shouldn’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat”. I was shocked to learn that everything I put on my hair and skin got in to my bloodstream as I had truly never thought about it like that before.

This skincare made a huge difference in my life for years. Then something happened. The company was taken over by a large multinational and being “natural” was no longer important to them. So their products then became “the best of nature mixed with the best of science”. My skin was unhappy with this change and again I went in search for an all natural skincare range that made my skin look and feel amazing. I even made a lot of my own skincare products.

I found and started using ART, by Young Living. Not only was my skin happy again but it was the best it looked in years. People even comment on how good my skin looks and I tell them it’s the essential oils in the ART products. I’m in love with ART and I use it everyday. It’s my secret sauce. 😉💕 


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