The Complete Guide to Making (and selling) Your Own All-Natural Soap


Turn your DIY passion into profit by creating boutique, all-natural products that people will love!

  • There’s never been a bigger market for healthy, nourishing, all-natural soaps that pamper your body, smell delicious, feel fantastic and are vegan-friendly.
  • As people become more health and environmentally conscious they’re looking for all-natural, non-toxic alternatives to buy. Here’s a simple way to meet that need.
  • Invest in your future by creating a DIY business that can fit around your other commitments and generate extra income.

Clinical Aromatherapist and soap-making veteran, Kim Thomson, has been making and selling all-natural soap for almost 10 years. Her in-person soap making workshops are usually booked out.

Now you can watch and learn as she walks you step-by-step through the soap making process in this 35-minute video lesson. She shares all her secrets and tips so you can make and sell your own vegan-friendly soaps and turn your DIY passion into a profitable business.

Plus, you also get her 40-page Soap Making Guide – packed full of information on how to make, package and sell your soap, as well as tips, recipes for a variety of all-natural, vegan-friendly soaps and of course, safety instructions.

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There’s nothing better than learning from an expert and being able to watch her demonstrate each step!

Kim has been making and selling her own all-natural, cold-pressed soap for many years and so she’s refined the process. She’s also taught dozens of live workshops, teaching hundreds of people her simple, sure-fire recipe.

“Thank you Kim Thomson for providing such easy to follow instructions! Mum and I had our first crack at soap making today. We loved it! We made Lavender and Orange soap. We encourage anyone thinking about making soap to give it a go!” – Merryn B.

“Kim is extremely knowlegable about the craft of soap making, having been making soap for many years herself. I highly recommend Kim Thomson’s soap making workshop, even if you’re unsure whether soap making is for you, as, like me, you could be pleasantly surprised at how much you love it.” – Janet N.



Great for Visual Learners!

The 35-minute video lesson with Kim allows you to rewind and watch the process moment by moment, making it super-easy. You can even watch the video and then play it while you make your first batch of soap!

The Ultimate Soap Making Resource

Download Kim’s 40-page Soap Making Guide and you’ll have the ultimate reference book which includes:

  • How to package and sell your soap to create your own business
  • Equipment List
  • Safety Information
  • Information about saponification, fatting oils
  • Kim’s sure-fire Basic Cold-processed Soap Recipe
  • 8 other specialty soap recipes




Get unlimited access to Kim’s video lesson and download your copy of her Soap Making Guide now.
Enjoy the benefit of her years of experience, plus her comprehensive guide and begin making and selling your own beautiful, all-natural soaps today.


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PLUS… You’ll also get

Plus as a special bonus, you’ll also receive a copy of her best-selling eBook, The Ultimate Natural Green Cleaning Guide.

It’s packed full of 28 all-natural, low-tox recipes for everything you need to clean without harmful chemicals in your house – kitchen, bathroom, laundry, lounge and outdoors.

** Use Kim’s recipes to create and sell your own Natural Cleaning Solutions along with your beautiful, all-natural soaps!


Start Today!

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  • 35 minute step-by-step video lesson
  • comprehensive 40 page Soap Making Guide
  • Bonus copy of The Ultimate Natural Green Cleaning Guide

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