Giving up all things white

That’s right, I’m not having any white flour, bread, potatoes, sugar, rice, milk and anything else that is white. Instead I am opting for all the other colours of the rainbow. I have been eating a lot of atlantic salmon, veggies, fruit, oh and nuts. I used to think it was the carbohydrates that fill me up and that without them I would be starving all the time. Strangely this isn’t the case. I do make sure I follow up the Balance Complete Shake with a glass of water, as I read it helps the fibre in the shake swell up and make you feel fuller for longer. If I am looking for a snack I make sure I have a piece of fruit, some nuts or even a Wolfberry Crisp bar on hand so I don’t eat something white or that contains white stuff.

I also experimented this week with the Slique Essence. I added a few drops to my Slique Tea and even used it as a salad dressing. I read this idea somewhere and thought I would try it. With all the salad I have been eating I thought I would try it and was surprised that I liked it.

So this week flew by and by Friday I had lost another 1.3kgs. Yippee. People are really starting to notice the weight loss and comment on it. My clothes certainly are looser but when I look in the mirror I still look the same to me. So till next week.


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