The end of week one 2.2kgs

Well, I know it is hard to believe but essential oils are actually helping me lose weight. I weighed myself on Friday, which was the end of week one and I had lost 2.2kgs, which brings me down to 79.1kgs. I feel really good today. I admit I had a few days where I had a bit of a headache, maybe sugar withdrawals.

I was worried I might not lose very much weight as I went on the Ningxia Red Harbour cruise on my second day on the challenge and over indulged on Ningxia Red and food. Although it was very healthy food, as it always is at a Young Living event. My mother in law and I were running late for the cruise and ran the length of Darling Harbour, we nearly bowled a bride over as she was walking to get on her own cruise boat. Plus we did a fair bit of walking on our way back from the cruise to where we were staying. So I guess all the incidental exercise really paid off.

There have been some days when it has been too hot to drink the Slique tea so I have stuck with the Slique essence and had the tea in the evening when it cools down. I have kept up my balance complete shakes for breakfast and lunch with a meal of meat and salad/veggies for dinner. I should probably be doing the meal for lunch so that my body has time to digest the meat before I go to bed, but I really like to sit down with my family at the end of the day and have a meal together. I want my girls to have good eating habits, so I think it is important for them to see me sitting down eating healthy food with them. They both love the Balance Complete Shakes and always want me to leave a little in the bottom of my glass at breakfast time for them to have.

I have been inhaling a lot of peppermint in the afternoons to resist those afternoon snacks full of sugar. The Slique Essence is really good for this too. I made a few raw nut balls for my girls and a couple of afternoons I had these as a snack. I put all the following ingredients in the thermomix/food processor and blend. I then roll them into balls and roll them in coconut.
1 cup macadamias which I roughly chop first
1/2 cup dates (I use medjool)
2 tbs raw cacao powder
2 tsp chia seeds
20mls Ningxia Red
1 tbs sunflower seeds

If you too would like to take the Slique Challenge, it is not too late to start. View the kit here. Save 24% of the price by becoming a member by clicking here.

Have a slique week

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