How do I use Carrot Seed Essential Oil?

Carrot Seed Essential Oil

My Oil of the Month for January is – Carrot Seed Essential Oil

With so many great ‘staple’ Young Living Essential Oils, it’s easy to get stuck using the same oils all the time. Why not step outside your comfort zone and try something new?

For example, Young Living’s Carrot Seed Essential Oil (you can check it out here) is a very versatile oil for you to experiment with in both your face creams and your cooking. Carrot Seed is distilled from the seeds of the Wild Carrot or Queen Anne’s Lace Plant, not the carrots we buy to eat and juice. We are told that this plant is a weed, but history has proven us wrong! It has a fruity, sweet, warm aroma that is very calming and grounding.

Diffusing Carrot Seed

Diffuse up to one hour three times daily.

This is definitely one to try in the diffuser if you have over-active children. Did you know Juva Cleanse contains Carrot Seed? Juva Cleanse is a blend that contains constituents that are known for cleansing.

Cooking with Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Carrot Seed provides an earthy taste to your cooking. So, you could try adding it to your roast veggies, salad dressings, quinoa or even wild rice.

*Discover more about cooking up a storm with essential oils – and get a free copy of my cookbook.

Topical Application

Apply 2–4 drops directly to desired area. Dilution not required except for sensitive skin.

Carrot Seed is an ingredient in the Animal Scents Ointment and it is soothing for the skin. Yes, it’s great for our pets’ skin and even our own.

Finally, here’s a great recipe for you to make at home and use daily on your skin to help combat the damage of the harsh Australian climate.

Aussie Skin Oil

1⁄4 cup coconut oil
20 drops Carrot Seed essential oil
15 drops Myrrh essential oil
10 drops Lavender essential oil

Mix together in a glass jar and apply to skin daily.


Caution: Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health-care practitioner prior to use.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dark place.

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